What's happening at CleanWorld?

  • UC Davis BioDigester to power campus in January

    Written By LUJAIN AL-SALEH Published On November 21, 2013 Filed Under Features, Front Page Story In January 2014, leftover pasta and other unfinished food from the dining commons will be put to use as the newly established UC Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (UC Davis READ) converts organic waste into campus electricity.

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  • Team Feature: Caleb Adams

      Caleb Adams currently serves as Vice President of Research and Development of CleanWorld’s organics division. He works to help CleanWorld find new revenue streams through the development of co-products from our organic waste streams and manages the sites for our pilot fertilizer production systems. Caleb also ...

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  • CleanWorld using dinner leftovers to fuel city vehicles

    It's official!  Sacramento city fleet vehicles are filling up on CNG at the Sacramento BioDigester.  By harnessing the power of waste repurposing technology, CleanWorld has found a way to efficientlyconvert all kinds of food waste streams into biofuel, from table scraps that are dumped into the garbage to expired goods from grocery outlets to out-of-spec products from food processing factories. When food waste decomposes, it naturally releases methane gas into the air.  CleanWorld's technology collects this and ...

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  • Clean-tech Trailblazing

    CleanWorld is a clean tech company whose pioneering anaerobic digestion (AD) technologies are front runners in a growing sandbox of tech needed to decarbonize the world. While timing plays a part, CleanWorld's success to date leans heavily on the innovating mind of their ...

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