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  • CleanWorld Supports Sustainable Cities: Farmers, Festivals, & Smart Fuel

    Wherever CleanWorld BioDigesters help communities become zero waste sustainable cities, you can find the CleanWorld team hard at work, side-by-side with people and businesses making sure that organic waste is never wasted! Farmer's CleanWorld SoilTea Barbecue On July 2 CleanWorld hosted nearly 50 farmers from the Northern California region to ...

    Posted at July 14, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • HP Hood: A CleanWorld Sustainability Partner

    One of the most satisfying aspects of our work in delivering organic waste recycling and climate resiliency solutions is the extraordinary people and companies we partner with. HP Hood brings CleanWorld their processing waste byproduct as part of their efficiency programs, and is a leading example of how CleanWorld's innovative, high-solid anaerobic digestion technology is literally helping to re-shape how commercial organic waste producers are thinking about efficient, affordable disposal. We're a big believer in ...

    Posted at June 27, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • New Report and Workshop Targets Potential of Organic Waste to Fuel

    Springfield, VA - Energy Vision, a national non-profit environmental research and education organization which promotes the transition to renewable transportation fuels and energy sources in the U.S., has completed a new report on the organic wastes in the U.S. and on state and municipal trends in diverting these materials from landfills for beneficial use. Read Full online Release).  EVfinal_June_16_2014_Springfield - Download PDF. CleanWorld's Dr. ...

    Posted at June 16, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • Clean-tech Trailblazing

    CleanWorld is a clean tech company whose pioneering anaerobic digestion (AD) technologies are front runners in a growing sandbox of tech needed to decarbonize the world. While timing plays a part, CleanWorld's success to date leans heavily on the innovating mind of their ...

    Posted at June 4, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • Allocating Cap and Trade (proceeds to BioEnergy)

    May 29, 2014 Today the California Legislature is being urged by the Bioenergy Association of California to allocate funding specifically for bioenergy projects in the solid waste, dairy, agriculture, water and forestry sectors.  This funding will provide immediate and quantifiable greenhouse gas reductions in each of these sectors.  There are shovel-ready bioenergy projects that will create jobs and economic development, while providing numerous benefits for public ...

    Posted at May 29, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • TV Feature on Inventures: How CleanWorld is Closing the Loop on Organics

    May 15, 2014 The origins of our innovations can be found in the roots of our leadership: from the birth of mainframe computers in the 70's, to the advent of personal computing in the 80's, to today's mobile applications, all the way to making community-scaled food waste recycling technology affordable and highly efficient.

    Posted at May 16, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • Back to the future? CBS News Says Maybe

    Sacramento is at the forefront of the movement known as "closing the loop." CBS News features a "back to the future" farm to fork to fuel story on how CleanWorld's ...

    Posted at May 9, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • News From CleanWorld’s UC Davis BioDigester Launch

    According to EcoWatch, "Trash isn’t simply trash at the University of California, Davis, it’s an important tool to create

    Posted at May 7, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • Biogas Bolsterers: Dr. Josh Rapport

    The biogas industry, as new as it is here in the United States, already has several experts championing the movement and promoting its development.  Biomass Magazine profiled a few of these champions, including our very own Dr. Josh Rapport, Vice President of Research and Development.  Originally he had no intention to work in this field, but after a life-changing experience in the Peace Corps, one thing led to another, as they say. [caption id="attachment_1155" align="alignright" ...

    Posted at April 23, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
  • CleanWorld turns UC Davis campus waste into campus energy

    For Immediate Release April 22, 2014 "More than a decade ago, Dr. Ruihong Zhang, a professor of biological and agricultural engineering at the University of California, Davis, started working on a problem: How to turn as much organic waste as possible into as much renewable energy as possible. Today, on Earth Day, the ...

    Posted at April 22, 2014 | Categories : CleanWorld News
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