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  • Clean World and Atlas Disposal break ground on nation’s largest commercial-scale, high solids AD system, and on California’s first AD-based Renewable Natural Gas Fueling Station.

    Clean World Partners and Atlas Disposal Industries today broke ground on construction of the nation’s largest commercial-scale, high solids AD system, and on California’s first AD-based Renewable Natural Gas Fueling Station.    Clean World Partners’ Organic Waste Recycling Center at the South Area Transfer Station in Sacramento will convert 25 tons of food waste per day collected by Atlas Disposal from area food processing companies, restaurants and supermarkets into renewable natural gas.  ...

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  • San Francisco World Journal (Chinese Newspaper): 全美首家 食品廢棄物發電廠啟用

    使用戴斯維大教授張瑞紅(Ruihong Zhang)四項專利的沙加緬度「清潔世界合夥人」(Clean World Partners)發電廠19日啟用。該廠是全美第一家利用食品加工廠食品處理廢棄物,以及廢紙板箱發電的工廠,每天發電1300千瓦,相當於47家民宅的用電量。這也是張瑞紅的學術研究成果首次市場化。 張瑞紅說,該廠主要使用她的「快速厭氧發酵技術」(High-Rate Anaerobic Digester Technology)。發電原料是沙加緬度大廠Campbell Soup 食品處理之後的廢棄物、沙加緬度地區餐館的廚餘,每天用7.5噸。該廠就設在紙箱製造廠American River Packaging廠址內,每天還用半噸製造紙箱過程中剪下的邊角料。 Read more:世界新聞網-北美華人社區新聞 - 全美首家 食品廢棄物發電廠啟用     Translated using Google Translate:  

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  • Clean World Partners Opens Ground-Breaking Waste Conversion Facility

    Nation’s First Commercial High-Solid Anaerobic Digestion System Provides Power to American River Packaging SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clean World Partners today opened the nation’s first commercial high-solid organic waste conversion facility at American River Packaging’s Sacramento headquarters with an event attended by more than 100 state and local dignitaries, business and community leaders, and investors. The Clean World Organic Waste Recycling Center is based on anaerobic digestion (AD) technology developed at UC ...

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  • Bob Shallit: Unveiling April 19 for N. Natomas waste-to-energy system

    A Sacramento startup company is about to debut what it's calling the nation's most efficient commercial system in the country for converting food waste into energy. Three-year-old Clean World Partners last month began operating its first system at the North Natomas plant of American River Packaging, with a public unveiling of the operation set for April 19. Another Clean World system is starting up in June at Sacramento County's south area transfer station and two more are set to open in the region by the end of the year, says Michele Wong, the company's CEO. That's just a start, says Wong, ...

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  • Study: Companies that volunteer emissions strategies see stock prices rise

    Read the original article at: Study: Companies that volunteer emissions strategies see stock prices rise | Sacramento Business Journal Green is a new driving force behind business. Consumers want to be assured they’re making the right choices, even as companies meet standards. And now a study finds that companies that plug their emissions strategies saw a financial benefit when they saw stock prices rise. A University of California Davis Graduate School of Management study examined stock prices of ...

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  • Clean World Partners Receives Key Strategic Investment

    Clean World Partners Receives Key Strategic Investment  Focused on Waste-to-Energy with Proprietary Technology Developed at UC Davis SACRAMENTO, CA – Clean World Partners (CWP), based in Sacramento, CA, today announced it received an important strategic investment from Gold River, CA based Synergex International Corporation, which purchased a controlling interest in CWP – a clean technology start-up, which owns proprietary pioneering technology that converts food and other organic waste into energy, fertilizer and additional valuable byproducts. Founded in early ...

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  • Sacramento Business Journal: Warren Smith, Green Business News Maker

    Read the original article at: Newsmaker|Warren Smith | Sacramento Business Journal Warren Smith is a dreamer. He has experience turning a dream into reality and wants to do it again. Smith’s first dream was bringing baseball to Sacramento. He brought together other dreamers, including Bob Hemond and Art Savage, who became the majority owner of the team that began playing in 2000 ...

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  • California Farmer: Energy Adjuster

    By Kathy Coatney Read the original article at: California Farmer: Energy Adjuster Turn agriculture waste into cash? This is science fiction, right? Wrong. While many have tried and failed, research at the University of California, Davis, has found new and better ways to convert organic waste into energy. Digest Technologies Ruihong Zhang, a professor in the department of biological and agricultural engineering at ...

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  • Comstocks: The political fate of climate change legislation in California

    Read the original article at: Comstocks: Day on the Green Story by Rich Ehisen This is the first installment in a four-part series on climate change. This month, we explore the politics behind Assembly Bill 32 and November’s ballot. Next month, we’ll examine California’s greenhouse gas reduction plan and its impact on major industries. For more complete coverage, pick up your copy ofComstock's magazine today. For years, the debate over climate change centered almost exclusively on science: Is global ...

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