alberta health care cuts 2020

Posted at November 7, 2020

“What’s at stake is the ability for every Albertan to have access to registered nurses or licensed practical nurses and to see them in a meaningful time.”. Privatization of surgeries and continuing care, income testing for seniors’ medications – these are just some of the ways that this budget erodes the universality of our public health care.https://t.co/ZgL1nYJXqi#ABhealth #ABpoli #KenneysCuts #NeedNotGreed, — Friends of Medicare (@FriendsMedicare) February 28, 2020. “..always, in the end, ‘private’ is always, more expensive”.. Is that so? It cannot advance one inch by appealing to the goodwill of the Kenney government or any other capitalist government for that matter, because they all enforce the demands of big business. Gostola anticipates the striking employees to be walking the picket line at Red Deer Regional Hospital all day Monday and until the government provides them some sort of sign that they’ll back away from their plans. AUPE President Guy Smith explicitly stated Monday that his union’s main concern was to secure cooperation with the hard-right UCP government, not protect the workers’ jobs. Alberta budget 2020: Advanced education funding cut 6.3 per cent, tuition to rise https://t.co/kcshozi6Uh this is in addition to the cuts in Oct 2019 budget, plus performance-based metrics that puts some funding at risk. The critical lesson for health care workers to draw is that the defence of their jobs and public services is above all a political struggle. But what is stopping the government (which is constitutionally responsible for the health system in Alberta) from declaring when that pandemic is over? The blog, today, at: http://www.albertapolitics.ca explains why. 800 jobs will be eliminated permanently. The budget commits to promises to privatize a chunk of Alberta’s health care system, notably outsourcing tens of thousands of surgical procedures to for-profit clinics — in an effort to double the share of surgeries in for-profit clinics over three years. Kenney also promised to explore private delivery options for certain procedures and conduct a review of AHS to target redundancies and inefficiencies. If you don't see it please check your junk folder. How do you save $600,000,000 by eliminating 11,000 jobs? Job action quickly spread to the University of Alberta Hospital, Glenrose Hospital and Alberta Hospital in Edmonton; Foothills Hospital, South Health Campus and Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary; Red Deer Regional Hospital; and to other facilities in Athabasca, Westlock, Lethbridge, Whitecourt, Cold Lake, Peace River, Leduc, Westview and Fort Saskatchewan. 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4. And how about disinfecting and cleaning the rooms and equipment? Now, if you wish you can play politics on this all you would like but the bottom line is that the Provincial Gov has to cut expenditures. There were reports of picketing outside the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Foothills Hospital in Calgary and the South Health Campus in Calgary. Workers who have sought to oppose the ruling class’ homicidal “herd immunity” policy have been thrown under the bus by the unions. “However, as a direct result of this illegal job action, some surgeries and ambulatory care clinics are being postponed. We have already heard of cases where “contracted” workers have used the same cleaning cloth to wipe basins, counters and toilets! Alberta’s 2020 provincial budget redistributes wealth from workers, seniors and students to the province’s UCP-friendly elites. Smith said nursing care and support workers decided Monday there was no other option than a walkout to back their position. It remains unclear whether a section of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees apparatus was involved in initiating the wildcat walkout, or the union merely swiftly offered its “support” after it erupted to prevent the action escaping its control. Your fallacy is absurd to believe more government and union control is the answer to everything. Tweet. “What we know is that because of Jason Kenney’s $4.7-billion corporate handout they are scrambling to find a way to save money on the backs of Albertans,” said Notley. (rdnewsNOW/Sheldon Spackman), AHS launches free online mental health network, City modifies Toys for Tickets program amid COVID-19, Now you know - Phit Physio 9 - When your jaw speaks, Nearly 2,000 attend vigil honouring slain Red Deer doctor, 'Reimagined' Run for the Cure raises over $8.5M for breast cancer research, Over 800 winter items collected at Charity Checkstop. Their goal was to show support for publicly delivered health care and all the front-line workers. Then what? Workers took strike action to oppose Health Minister Tyler Shandro’s announcement earlier this month that 11,000 public sector health care jobs will be eliminated amid a raging pandemic. AUPE is notifying all its members of the obligation to obey the ALRB order by returning to scheduled work.”, This miserable capitulation to the dictates of the hard-right government and its state institutions is in keeping with the role played by the union bureaucracy across Canada. “He wants Albertans to pay for it in their jobs, in their wages, in (their) pensions and in the care that they and their loved ones receive each and every day.”. #abpse people should pay attention to the job losses anticipated in our sector. Or will the highly trained and professionally qualified civil servants happily line up for jobs for a lower wage? Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews delivered the United Conservative Party’s second budget — and once again workers, seniors and students are on the receiving end of deep cuts. They’re just shills for interests that do not give a flying hoot about the citizens of Alberta. The budget slashes funding for post-secondary institutions by 6.3% with the government committing to pay for only 52% of post-secondary programs rather than 58%. On top of having their family members and dependants kicked off of their drug plans next month, Alberta’s seniors are in for a cut to drug benefits of $72 million. Urging Kenney to re-establish the cooperative relationship the unions enjoyed with previous premiers, including the heads of the Conservative governments that ruled the province for decades, Smith said, “The fact that we haven’t been able to have that, build that relationship with this government, means that it could be harder to get to those discussion points. Medicine Hat, AB T1B 3R2. Conversations are ongoing. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If the dieticians also get cut, who will be planning the special meals for the special patients? With the goal of “encouraging the growth of the private sector,” Budget 2020 expands private health care in the province. “At the end of the day, our members basically have been walking in that door every day for seven months, putting their health and wellness on the line and that of their family’s health and wellness on the line. “Anger has been building among members for months,” Smith said. At the same time, conversations surrounding UNA’s provincial collective agreement began last month, where four years of pay freezes and massive rollbacks to nurses’ collective agreement is on the table. Opposition NDP Leader Rachel Notley said the “wildcat strikes” across Alberta are deeply concerning. Some of the people complaining, are the same that wish to kill Fossil Fuels to save the planet NOW, and you did not figure out your knee jerk thought process would result in what we see NOW? The majority of us are already living paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet.”. Your anger against Kenney and the UCP is palpable and obviously has impaired your reasoning ability. The union represents about 58,000 health-care workers, although it wasn’t immediately clear how many of those workers have walked off the job. Jason Kenney’s 2020 Budget: Thousands of Job Losses and Privatized Healthcare to Fund Handouts to Corporations, slashing Alberta’s corporate tax rate over the next year, postsecondary tuition fees will rise by 11%, $610 million cut in public sector expenses, kicked off of their drug plans next month, double the share of surgeries in for-profit clinics. The UCP cut medical transportation benefits for people on income assistance. By Letter to the Editor on October 30, 2020. She also knocked the premier for implementing his $4.7-billion corporate tax cut at the expense of important services such as health care. Read more about cookies here. By Letter to the Editor on October 30, 2020. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Pretty much ends the discussion when someone like yourself mentions reality. An accounting firm hired by the Alberta government says that Alberta will save $600 million a year by cutting 11,000 jobs from Alberta Health Services. The budget states that colleges and universities are encouraged to “pursue self-generated revenue.”. We have a glaring example of how terrible private health care is: It’s called the USA. Hmm? With unmatched cynicism, Toews, whose government has endangered thousands of people’s lives by enforcing the reckless reopening of the economy and schools during the pandemic, and gutted spending on health and education, arrogantly declared, “Albertans should be able to rely on their health-care system with services delivered uninterrupted—no matter the circumstance…Going forward we expect that all unions respect the bargaining process and stop putting Albertans’ safety at risk. Will they prepare one simple meal which then is fed to all patients? 504 - 7th Street South Lethbridge, AB T1J 3Z7.

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