all adults here book club discussion questions

Posted at November 7, 2020

Another question like the ones you used to dread in English class, talking about the actual structure of a book — the timeline, the viewpoints, the syntax — can be more revealing than you think. In All Adults Here, Emma Straub’s unique alchemy of wisdom, humor, and insight come together in a deeply satisfying story about adult siblings, aging parents, high school boyfriends, middle school mean girls, the lifelong effects of birth order, and all the other things that follow us into adulthood, whether we like them to or not. Use the "If... then..." model when it comes to formulating book club questions, like "If the protagonist chose her other love interest, how might the book have been different?" If you don’t live in a small town, do you think it sounds appealing or do you prefer city life. Asking each member in your club to read their favorite part out loud will not only give you a chance to hear the story again, but it also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the members of your book club, and perhaps interpret a scene from the book in a whole new way. As Cecily reaches for the phone to call him, she hears a guy on the barstool next to her say, “Don’t do it—you’ll regret it.” Something tells her to listen, and over the next several hours—and shots of tequila—the two forge an unlikely connection. She becomes quite fixated on Barbara—despite saying that she never really liked her. It’s a beautiful novel about a mother and her three adult children as they try to navigate life together and mend their tricky relationships. There will be spoilers so for more context about the story, check out my spoiler-free review first. For the next time you get your bookish gang together, here are 13 general book club questions that will work for any book. Do you think birth order has an impact on people’s relationship with their parents? But of course, she still covers serious topics at the same time. Unreliable narrators are among the most intriguing characters to discuss, so use this question as a starting point to really explore them. Nicky sends her to live with Astrid after Cecelia experiences some bullying at her old school. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A fun question that is sure to get a diverse list of answers, this is a good way to not only dive into your reading selection more, but an opportunity to learn about the members of your club. One of my favorite part of discussing books is finding out which parts of the book stuck out to other people, especially in terms of quotations. Buckle up, because that's when the good discussion really gets going. Every week we host a new literary giveaway! Fearing the worst, Cecily spots his face on a missing-person poster, and realizes she is not the only one searching for him. Book club questions for All Adults Here by Emma Straub examines all the characters and story developments in this entertaining read. When Astrid Strick witnesses a school bus accident in the center of town, it jostles loose a repressed memory from her young parenting days decades earlier. all adults here book club questions books contemporary fiction discussion questions summer books the lies that bind the vanishing half Heather Caliendo I love to read and review various genres with a focus on contemporary fiction, historical fiction with some mysteries/thrillers … The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin is another good one for book clubs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s 2 A.M. on a Saturday night in the spring of 2001, and twenty-eight-year-old Cecily Gardner sits alone in a dive bar in New York’s East Village, questioning her life. Jenna Bush Hager picked this for her book club and she said that “in a time when all we want is hope, it’s a beautiful book to reach for.” I can see what she’s saying there about the story— curious to hear what you all think about it! I love to read and review various genres with a focus on contemporary fiction, historical fiction with some mysteries/thrillers and also select nonfiction and memoirs. Luckily, I do. At Read It Forward, we have a healthy obsession with authors, stories, and the readers who love them. But who gets to decide, so many years later, which long-ago lapses were the ones that mattered? Her children all respond differently. Her investigative reporting instincts kick into action as she vows to discover the truth. It’s also about second chances, love, and all the decisions we make for love. Let’s talk about Cecelia’s storyline and how she bonded with August/Robin. But we later learn that the reason behind Astrid’s dislike is because Barbara stumbled upon Astrid’s son Elliot and another teenager boy kissing. The Vignes twin sisters will always be identical. Some people will like the ending and be satisfied by the way things wrapped up, but inevitably, someone will pipe up and share their displeasure. You might be surprised to hear how inspired, empowered, enraged, or even educated your friends are from a single reading experience. All rights reserved. The perfect book club is made up of three key things: a great reading selection, yummy snacks, and a lively discussion. The story’s tagline is “coming of age isn’t just for kids.” Do you agree with this? This book covers birth order and how parents can treat each child differently, even in adulthood. Yet despite all their obstacles, they can’t seem to say goodbye, and for the first time in her carefully constructed life, Cecily follows her heart instead of her head. All Right Reserved. If you'd like me to review your book, contact me! And is it possible to love a man who wasn’t who he seemed to be? But after growing up together in a small, southern black community and running away at age sixteen, it’s not just the shape of their daily lives that is different as adults, it’s everything: their families, their communities, their racial identities. Enter to win our favorite new reads, bookish goodies, and so much more. When she told Astrid, her response was that she was mistaken and then she snapped at Elliot to not do that in public. When we learned that the delightful Emma Straub was writing another book, we were all excited and anxious to get our hands on it—because if we haven’t made it clear, she’s the best. Looking well beyond issues of race, The Vanishing Half considers the lasting influence of the past as it shapes a person’s decisions, desires, and expectations, and explores some of the multiple reasons and realms in which people sometimes feel pulled to live as something other than their origins. Her daughter is pregnant yet struggling to give up her own adolescence. In many books, the setting is a significant part of the story, even acting as a character itself. Book Club Questions for Leave the World Behind... Review: Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam. Ask your group about which characters from your reading selection grew and changed throughout the book, and who stayed the same. It’s a beautiful novel about a mother and her three adult children as they try to navigate life together and mend their tricky relationships. How did this impact Astrid going forward? ), but they're so much more than that. A simple opinion-based question, asking how people feel about the ending is a great way to start healthy debates within your book club. Use this question to explore what made the setting of your reading selection so important, and how it affected the events of the story. Some members may be shy, others might have a hard time openly disagreeing, and you just might not know where to begin. If you do live in a small town, what are some things you like and dislike about it? By discussing possible casting choices for a movie adaption, you can learn how others saw the characters in their minds versus how you created them in your own. You can order the book on Amazon here. Book clubs are often seen as simple social get together, a challenging way to read more books, or an excuse to drink wine on a weeknight (as if you needed one, right? Get weekly book recommendations delivered right to your inbox and find out What We’re Reading. Do you think it was unrealistic for her to think they would have a future? What will happen to the next generation, when their own daughters’ storylines intersect? Who decides which apologies really count? I’ve found that the best book club discussion questions are ones that are open-ended and that get people to share their personal opinions. Astrid announced to her grown up kids that she’s bisexual. Let’s talk about their different reactions and this big moment for Astrid. Luckily enough, All Adults Here was our May book club pick and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Clapham is a small town where everyone knows each other’s business. From here, you can either dive into a deeper discussion of character flaws or move on to plot holes, depending on where your group lands. Whenever you discuss a story from a book, its important to consider who told that story. Suddenly, Astrid realizes she was not quite the parent she thought she’d been to her three, now-grown children. I’ve been in a lot of book clubs, and I know it’s not always easy to get a conversation going on a book.

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