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Posted at November 7, 2020

The 1-day in-classroom interactive session complements the online course and uses discussion and experiential learning to apply the concepts to real-world scenarios. The CFSI offers training to clients in federal, provincial and municipal governments, non-governmental organizations, foreign governments and organizations, academic institutions and, in certain cases, to the private sector, on a cost-recovery basis. It is suitable for individuals and for private, not-for-profit and public sector organizations. Because, I know some of my guys from my … Welcome [current-user:field_user_first_name], Top Tips: Building Experience While in School, 10 Easy Ways for First-year Students to Build International Skills, Career-Boosting Strategies for International Students Studying in North America, Self-evaluation: International Experience at School, Resources for International Students Studying in the US, International Studies in the US and Canada, Pre-departure Preparation Before Studying Abroad, Financing Study Abroad: Scholarships & Grants, Career-boosting Strategies While Studying Abroad, Top Tips: Virtual International Internships. RBM ultimately helps you achieve desired outcomes. We will help you build on your individual and organizational experience to examine the impact of culture on your behaviour and the behaviour of your colleagues. Course code: 0Cost: VariousType: ClassroomLength: 3 daysCategories: Intercultural EffectivenessContact: cultures@international.gc.ca. Public Diplomacy, the act of engaging audiences in a dialogue with the view of informing and influencing, is a powerful tool that can be an effective and strategic way to achieve Canada’s objectives abroad. Course code: 00028098Cost: VariousType: ClassroomLength: 1 dayCategories: International Assistance, Peace and Stabilization OperationsContact: cultures@international.gc.ca. Canadian Foreign Service Institute The International Forum on Diplomatic Training Online Space is run by DiploFoundation For IFDT-related issues, please contact Ms Nadja Wozonig Apply protocol and etiquette guidelines during official events. Past participants include individuals from the following sectors: This training is offered at the Bisson Campus in the National Capital Region, as well as across Canada and internationally. What is Canadian Foreign Service Institute’s phone number? Find related and similar companies as … Another part of the course will focus on Intercultural Effectiveness in relation to supervision at a mission. This course will provide a highly interactive introduction to the key characteristics of today’s global economy in theory and practice. Course code: 0Cost: VariousType: ClassroomLength: VariousCategories: Intercultural EffectivenessContact: cultures@international.gc.ca. What will I learn? Culturally-diverse workplaces and communities bring many benefits along with occasional challenges. Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors. The purpose of this course is to prepare officers leaving on posting that are to take on the responsibility of supervising abroad for the first time. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Course code: 00028319Cost: $400Type: ClassroomLength: 1 dayCategories: Foreign Policy and DiplomacyContact: PartnerDepartments.CFSD@international.gc.ca. Asking questions, challenging assumptions, understanding impacts How do diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people experience policies, programs and initiatives? Course code: 0Cost: VariousType: ClassroomLength: 1 dayCategories: Intercultural EffectivenessContact: cultures@international.gc.ca. analyse your progress to date and identify your personal objectives for the successful completion of your time in Canada The Pre-Return Orientation Course will help you: identify new knowledge, skills and attitudes gained in Canada, develop strategies for successful personal readjustment and professional reintegration, practise techniques for sharing new competencies in the professional environment of your home country Cancellation Policy for Intercultural Effectiveness courses, Identify the key principles of international law embodied in the United Nations Charter and in other sources of international law, Identify the circumstances where states can use force in international law, Identify the main methods of peaceful settlement of disputes between states as well as the remedies available to individuals to enforce international law, Understand the fundamental rules that protect people in international law, Understand the interaction between international law and the Canadian legal system, Explain basic concepts of regional, national and international security, Identify the actors in security, particularly regional organizations and international institutions and organizations which play a political/military role, Show how human security has become a central concern in the development of security policy, Discuss and investigate the impact of international terrorism on policy development, particularly in Canada, Review the benefits of ongoing conflict analysis, Compare and contrast different frameworks for conflict analysis, Apply new conflict analysis tools and strategies to learners' own work, describe the meaning of inclusive diversity, understand the added value of diversity and its relevance to your organization, recognize how biases and assumptions affect individual perceptions and group interactions, identify ways to leverage diversity for enhanced performance and commitment, learn approaches to addressing tensions resulting from personal biases, identify strategies to build and promote an environment of inclusion and respect, develop an action plan to foster an inclusive culture within your organization Cancellation Policy for Intercultural Effectiveness courses, Explain the principles and history of RBM as a management methodology, Recognize results, and draft and assess results statements, Explain the purpose and uses of the results chain, Explain some of the differences between the department's logic model and the RBM tools, Recognize where their work fits into the department's performance management processes, Describe political, trade and development trends, Explain how Canada and the region interact, Identify key topics of relevance to Canada in the region, Apply skills and knowledge in managing for gender equality results in development projects, Understand and make the case for gender equality results in development projects, Identify key themes and challenges facing mediators in conflict situations, Identify what to look for in situations where Canada is considering supporting an unofficial mediation effort and prepare advice to senior Canadian officials on these issues, Describe the issues that arise when Canada is acting as part of a multilateral mediation team or supporting an international mediator, Adapt methods of systematic analysis to develop and advance Canadian positions in multilateral negotiations, Develop strategic and tactical plans for negotiating in multilateral settings, Choose appropriate roles in multilateral negotiations, Value the role of policy dialogues to advance Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy, Apply GBA+ to policy dialogue initiatives, Demonstrate a results-based approach to policy dialogue, Describe Canadian policy as well as the international legal framework governing protection of civilians, Identify Canadian priorities and objectives on humanitarian issues, Compare practical tools available to respond to emergencies involving protection of civilians, Engage more effectively with humanitarian organizations on matters related to protection of civilians, Understand the history and cultures of Indigenous peoples, Identify the effects of past policies and practices on Indigenous health, society, and culture, Outline agreements and decisions that direct policy and practice, Understand their responsibilities regarding consent, Describe Global Affairs Canada’s current engagement with Indigenous people, articulate your experience and identify newly acquired intercultural competencies, analyse reintegration challenges and develop adaptation strategies, practice strategies to respond to specific intercultural challenges, assess effectiveness and make recommendations for future missions, Recognize, analyze and report on humanitarian crises caused by natural disasters, Provide recommendations to Headquarters on how the Government of Canada should best respond to a given natural disaster, Explain how to respond in a timely and effective manner to natural disasters abroad, Describe the international framework for responsible business conduct, Identify the key elements of Canada’s RBC approach, Integrate seamlessly RBC in client service delivery e of responsible business conduct and corruption prevention, understand the principles, concepts and tools of RBM and relate them to your project or program, improve your planning, management and reporting skills, strengthen your performance to achieve results, focus your program on the needs of intended beneficiaries, integrate lessons learned into your decision-making, Identify key elements of Russian domestic and foreign policy, Outline the opportunities and challenges surrounding Canada-Russia relations, Recognize how Russia's actions reflect their known domestic priorities and foreign policies, Describe the three dimensions of science diplomacy, Identify reasons why science diplomacy is important in international affairs today, Recognize the importance of science diplomacy in the Arctic context, Select a Leadership style appropriate to the situation and the person, Better understand the process of interpersonal communication and potential barriers to communication, Build upon one's Intercultural Effectiveness by practising bridging cultural dilemmas, understand the concept of culture and how it influences your own values, beliefs and actions, develop intercultural communication skills, acquire culture-specific knowledge related to your mission, practice strategies to respond to specific intercultural challenges Cancellation Policy for Intercultural Effectiveness courses, Explain the fundamentals of the global trading system, Explain what part trade plays in the national economy, Describe the factors influencing firms’ entry or withdrawal from international markets, Assess the impact of various trade policy tools on the Canadian economy companies, and individuals, identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes you have developed on your assignment and learn how you can best apply them, develop strategies to support the process of returning home, explore options and tools to address your personal and professional goals, bring closure to your international experience, Recognize the common financial needs of Canadian exporters and investors, Identify different trade finance and insurance instruments available to exporters in both the public and private sectors, Develop the tools necessary to be able to triage the needs of exporters in a particular situation and help them identify an appropriate financing and/or risk mitigation solution, Describe key elements and events surrounding the Middle East region and present the domestic and international contexts in which Canadian policy is developed and implemented, Grasp the interplay of the various factors that influence internal dynamics of the region, Describe the Canadian perspective concerning issues in the Middle East region and identify Canada's influence and interests in the region, Recognize when engagement with CCC can support Trade Commissioner Service objectives, Have an enhanced level of understanding of Canadian Commercial Corporation's (CCC) government-to-government contracting and procurement services, Have a better understanding of how CCC's services facilitate international business development for Canadian companies.

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