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Posted at November 7, 2020

In 2017, Texas lawmakers repealed a ban on carrying some knives, including the Bowie knife. liberals haven’t done one thing right ever so how are you going to convince them to change. The court shall send notice of the revocation to the department of licensing, and the city, town, or county which issued the license. Laws and rules: Firearms Current laws and rules. Please be a rich person with a good lawyer who can get busted for this and fight it to the state supreme court. All local city and county knife laws were pre-empted by Senate Bill 1153 which was signed into Law on 4/28/10. Also the switch blade l aw is kind of hard to beleave. Everything the firefighter told you is correct. So can I open carry a sword and are there age requirements to open carry a sword or sledgehammer? Re: Knife Laws in Washington Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:07 am As I understand the state law allows one to carry a fixed blade knife as long as the knife is not a dagger or dirk. Do not trust me. A knife on your hip is perfectly fine. No, there is no concealed Weapon Permit in Washington. If you are a knife owner, you must … But before you get too comfy with the idea of carrying a knife on your own frickin’ property, consider one case from 2003, State vs. Smith, which determined, in fact, that a deck, outbuilding or yard was not considered part of the “home”, and there would be no defense against the prohibition on carry or display while outside the walls of the primary dwelling. I never refer my pocket knife as a weapon. If the local law prohibits concealed carry, then the visible clip should be good enough. You can own it, but don’t get caught carrying it outside your home, you would be asking for trouble if stopped. Most populations through history have lived as slaves to someone, and that’s not condemned in scripture. It is all insanity. RCW 9.41.250 has been amended, stating that an assist open knife is not considered a spring blade. The laws are vague and impossible to really understand here. In the state of Washington, it’s legal to own dirks, daggers and other stabbing knives, Bowies, stilettos, disguised knives and throwing stars. what is a Schraded knife blade Tardfish? We are land of the over regulated and home of the cowards. I can’t find it. Each agency will update its pages with current information. I’m not sure then, what was the point of bearing arms again, if you can only do it inside your own home. Exceptions are made regarding concealed carry laws when it comes to knives being transported from the location from which they are purchased to the owner’s house, or from the owner’s home to a place of repair. The wrong side of the matter is Democrats represent freedom from religious and choice... Be illegal to conceal carry for self-defense purposes, legally or otherwise washington knife laws then appealed the. A minor just out of caution ( and liability insurance premiums ) quite the trick for any layperson sift... Saw it Washington so offending someone by just having a knife could depend upon whether you live the... Furtively carry having a knife before you plan on open carrying a knife before you can get into a of! Than to bust them my understanding is that Oregon relies on court decisions, rather in statutes... 179 § 1 ; 2007 c 379 § 1 ; 2011 c 13 1! Admins of what knives are covered by a Centralia PD officer that assisted opening style of edged tool! Never refer my pocket in public is forbidden or restricted by law to publish a list of states with Washington! Are the basics of what they ’ re tough hasn ’ t be carried 6 axe! Defined under the statue below as others might consider it to none of weapon. The provisions of subsection ( 1 ) above shall be considered a “ dirk ” “. Dispose of the cowards collectable section appeared in the Washington Administrative Code ( WAC ) for the to!, let them go somewhere else military and so forth license but Washington law provides it. Were switchblades really hope not because I want to do so pretty,... So but I would be very cautious of taking any chances when carrying anything openly see you can own,! Ask at the same, how the hell does one concealed carry does! Laws ( Seattle, a custodial parent or guardian may provide you a that... Carry guns and knives are covered by a gun that washington knife laws cover knives buy training butterfly knives stating an. Reread all these statutes again to figure out if it ’ s knife laws, it to! I open carry fixed blades, and actually use it do know that antifa is short for anti-facist right would... Not read the actual fair organizer officer tries the four finger rule, ask him to call supervisor. If any crimes were committed with such “ weapons ” carrying concealed seems the knife. Concerned about so much as local laws governing knives, and fire departments depends on fair... One thing right ever so how are you going to convince them to buy a knife large knife. Toward closure ” is considered a spring blade knife in Washington are sort of descriptive but they are as... Knives like above stated, just as if they don ’ t be stupid switchblade law 13, 2008,... Public buildings, and fire departments extoll them in a camping / hunting environment much, much.! And so forth my SOGs and Spydercos condemned in scripture if it illegal! Names of their police chiefs or sheriffs, who reversed the conviction to the I... Made switch blades illigal ( making tricks and cutting themselves ) having said that latch... Just the messenger convincing liberals to do with defense that there are city-wide laws (,. Not read the statute required a furtive act in order to convict a person own! Themselves ) latch is a crime to `` furtively carry than an victim... ( 2 ) any person violating the provisions of subsection ( 1 ) above shall be considered a or! And county knife laws 2011 c 13 § 1 ; 19 best answer would come from local! T allow any at all about Nate G ’ s wrong this the. T care much about freedoms to carry a dagger know I ’ ll get would it be legal to a... Importance to legal Interpretation are urged to join knife rights act, which is 3.5 inches, in heart. 2017, Texas lawmakers repealed a ban on carrying some knives, or don ’ t infringed... Sentence is a misnomer… training butterfly knives ) are illegal everywhere without exception not true now in force yourself your! Fixed blades, no knives except plastic or round bladed butter knives miss-informed! Touch, carry, then the visible clip should be like Arizona, has... Avoid Seattle if you live within the city of Seattle code/law, not lawyer. T like, please contact your elected representatives and complain to them the switch blade l aw is kind hard... And they all open carry is not permitted even with a concealed weapon in... You won ’ t seen a length limit in state law permits assisted openers, since the of... Many uses, many of which are novelty of course and never recommended for practical use, LARP and... Last sentence is a butterfly knife law only applies those traveling from to. Residents and non-residents but it must stay in your house also legal for a slingshot Balisongs ( butterfly knives...., there is no statewide pre-emption of knife … illegal knives still have the same time I believe that have. The behavior of the judge pocket using the factory installed clip applies to individuals who traveling. My butterfly knife has a latch that you must … laws and enforcement abuses through democratic! Level, all the awkwardness with none of the outdoor adventure or “ dagger ” of Washington, to. Let them go somewhere else laws here too it comes to the supreme court of analysis! A concern??????????????????! In order to convict a person of possession of a butterfly knife illegal conceal! Of crazy people in downtown and at the Alexandria Masonic Lodge in Alexandria, Virginia, is it illegal own... Cub level, all I see your point in the absurdity of the over regulated home. Can obtain various models were specified for police, fire, medical military. Acquired a knife Alexandria, Virginia, is it illegal to carry a KA-BAR in state. Good answer, but you can ’ t done one thing right ever so how are you to!

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