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Posted at November 7, 2020

Drop your requests in my inbox if you’ve got them, I’ll see what I can find! This is an amazing AU, showing Dean dealing with the pain of his loss in a beautiful, creative way. It’s a difficult situation for the both of them, but- after many, many drinks- things start to look up. Mature. Cas Novak signs on to do a scene with him, even though he dislikes "straight” porn stars on principle. The problem is - how? Dean’s family holds an intervention for him, claim that he’s gay and ship him off to ‘True Directions’ where he meets Castiel. Yeah, that was maybe less of a joke than I originally thought." Now, Dean and Sam return, and Dean is forced to confront the one regret he has from when he left: he never told his best friend he was even leaving. Fics that have a next to the title are my favorites. They end up spending the night together and the story kinda unravels from there!! Castiel spends the first two weeks of college in much the … (Featuring Aaron Bass)Could I But Hold TheeRating: NC-17Word Count: ~12kSummary: When Castiel is stuck without a model for his life-art class, Dean volunteers. Which wouldn’t exactly matter if Dean doesn’t have to find a babysitter for his brothers at a couple of hours notice. He had a plan. Hipster!Dean. He spends his days at his favorite coffee shop trying to get his muse going. | … Lights, Camera, WeddingRating: ExplicitWord Count: ~27kSummary: Dean’s a famous actor on his way back to his home town for his brother’s wedding. Although we endeavour to rec fics from as many fandoms and ships as we have time to read, Destiel remains our Ship Above All Others. Isn’t he?Shootin’ You Straight Rating: NC-17Word Count: 40,000+Summary: Dean Winchester is in a rock band and Castiel is a fan. Paper Thin *Rating: ExplicitWord Count: 1518Summary: Dean Winchester is Castiel’s noisy next door neighbor. I’ve read, and written, about these two idiots falling in love in so many different times and ways, and yet it never gets old, and I believe that it’s that chemistry that keeps us in love with the show’s characters. The Milton family is certainly a strange bunch, and the strangest and most fascinating of them all is Anna’s younger brother, Castiel. I ship Destiel like it's my job, I have a Neopets blog, a Flight Rising blog, and a blog devoted to pretty things Currently watching: Downton Abbey Currently reading: Eleanor & Park Currently playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition arrows in the quiver. Starting when he rescues this guy with huge blue eyes named after an angel.But I Date a CheerleaderRating: NC-17Word Count: 19,000+Summary: Borrows heavily from “But I’m a cheerleader”. No, sorry. ★ Penguins – chica_charlie Sam’s sure that the point of hate-sex is to have it be, well. Not that Castiel minds.Sequels: x, x. Cockiness *Rating: ExplicitWord Count: 7500Summary: Dean didn’t usually come to this kind of place, but Sam had given him the puppy dog eyes and argued and pleaded and even bribed him with pie. Destiel fanfic where Castiel is watching the pizza man and the babysitter as dean works on research for a hunt, while deans distracted Cas takes the chance to sneak kisses on his neck, getting caught dean decides to show cas what the pizza man did seeing as cas wanted him to do so. Ruby catches Castiel staring at Dean and makes him an offer. [ Have a fic you really love? And it was brilliant.Come on with the Rain*Rating: NC-17Word Count: 36kSummary: When Castiel was 15, his life changed. I do my own drabbles and i love your suggestions recommendations for fics. 88 notes. posted Feb 28, 2012. He watches in secret as the green-eyed stranger speeds his way around the hidden lake track every Friday night. Except for the part where Dean’s sort of actually in love with his partner and doesn’t realize it yet. Anyone have any DeanCas Rec list requests while the world falls apart? In a futile attempt to get close to Dean, Cas joins the tech team as a lighter.Dean’s Gay Things Have a Moment *Rating: PGWord Count: 500Summary: …or DO they? He also doesn’t know it’s just the beginning of it. Updated 01/06/2013 * = Denotes my favorites. An opportunity to meet arises and Jo persuades Dean to go after the object of his desires… coaxing Dean to go on a not-so-epic road trip in his beloved Baby. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. However when Dean walks back into Castiel’s life on the arm of his twin sister, Anna, a year later, Castiel’s world is turned upside down as he realizes just how much Dean affects him. Everything is exactly as it should be and he’s pretty sure he’s happy. Hate sex. It’s up to Cas to help him.In Another Life It Could Happen To YouRating: NC-17Word Count: 3200Summary: Dean is a college professor, and Cas is his gifted, but shy student. Dean is a drag racer and Castiel finds him fascinating. Three years passed and Castiel’s relationship with the boys developed in an unexpected way. Alfred Prufrock Grows a PairRating: NC-17Word Count:Summary: HS!AU. Dean Winchester has it all. He was seeing some new girl who apparently very into the alternative burlesque scene and she had invited them to come see a show on her night off. Cas gets drunk in a bar and bumps into Dean. REC IT! ] Especially Bob Dylan.I Like You (Like Me)Rating: NC-17Word Count: 11,000+Summary: Dean’s the owner of his own pretty successful coffee shop, and he’s absolutely, totally not in love with the hot accountant guy who comes in every day. But Dean was a different story. Last Friday NightRating: ExplicitWord Count: WIPSummary: College!AU. Explicit 2 Tags: Porn With Plot, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, high school AU meets coffee shop AU meets college AU, Switching, Dom/sub Undertones but neither is specifically either, warning tags in notes, Slow Burn It sometimes feels a little wrong thinking debauched things about a guy who could very well be one of Sammy’s teachers. I m looking for fics where cas is rich and dean is poor and they come together despite social status. When they become accidentally mated to each other, things get complicated and feelings get hurt, but can it be the start of something good?Sequel: x Schubert and Schumann and Lapsang SouchongRating: PG-13Word Count: 19kSummary: Dean doesn’t really have friends, but if he did, they certainly would be nothing like the weird and quite possibly insane kid who’s just moved in next door with his equally crazy family. He lives in an orphanage, and he’s just six months short of eighteen when someone in charge decides that a deaf kid must go well with a mute one and gives Dean a new roommate.Rock N’ Roll Without a Drummer *Rating: PG-13Word Count: ~6500Summary: HS!AU. Destiel AU Rec List. Dean is compelled to tend a dead rose garden, if only Dean could remember why; and remember why it is so important.

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