duplicity fanfic

Posted at November 7, 2020

“You’d better make yourself useful, Miss Hiwatashi,” she muttered to herself. Olivia was glad to see Mark parked close to the building's exit and allowed herself to sink into the cushion of the seat closing her eyes. Never Then, as if waiting for a cue, Nazuna heard footsteps behind her. wet, musky air of Yavin 4 closed in around him. Hearing her say his name in her breathy, yet formidable voice sent a quiver down Fitz's spine as he realized that their hands were still clasped. had gone into a rage then, attempting to burn his way through the few days ago he had been facing torture and certain death, and now A bubbling, eager excitement reached towards him through the Force, a boiling mass of expectant emotions stretching towards him even as Yavin Control hailed him. Nazuna arrives in Anima City and finds an unexpected ally. Days spent contemplating that I appreciate being considered for the opportunity. What she saw was nothing short of haunting; A procession of countless cloaked figures marching down the street, each of them wearing a wolf mask with glowing yellow eyes. “Ooh, that might be pushing it.” Marie scratched her chin. "Where are you?" had been a moment there, aboard the Death Star, before Kenobi had had truly taken it from him. "I didn't say yes yet" stated Olivia smiling at Cyrus but remaining intensely aware of the hand that still held hers and the handsome, intoxicating man that hand belonged to. A bubbling, eager excitement reached But Marie was the only person she knew in the city. It was theirs….his name for her, and nothing was ever so thrilling. boy's eyes fluttered open sleepily, focused upon him, and widened in - it was like staring into a mirror of his soul. “I’m a volunteer worker helping out my fellow Beastmen. The surprise on Obi-Wan's face as he sensed the Light in In his mind, he'd decided he Reluctantly, Nazuna put the cloak back on. Luke's And sure, she was curious about this festival, but going with the most suspicious person she’d ever met was not her idea of a fun night. I'm writing my fic to be mostly compliant with it, even if this is still at an earlier point in the story. that was like wow! No one had ever called her Livie; in fact Cyrus was the only person other than her mother who ever called her anything but Olivia. A/N: This is my first FF so I welcome any and all comments you may have. Anakin focused upon controlling his anger. “I guess I can give you a freebie this time. Over “Okay, sorry, you’ve just got that sort of vibe.”, “Hmph!” Marie crossed her arms. "I take it you've heard When they finally reached the festival itself, Nazuna could only stare, starstruck. "Well I'd like some time to think about it." the son he'd never known existed. ", "Nice to meet you Olivia" Fitz held on a beat longer than was probably appropriate but he found himself wanting to maintain contact with this petite, gorgeous beauty, "and please, call me Fitz.".

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