how to seal concrete floor from moisture

Posted at November 7, 2020

Most manufacturers of high-solids sealers require a well-defined profile before application of their products. General-purpose, 100% acrylic, interior and exterior floor primer. Sealing the concrete can help eliminate the dampness on your floor. Is it perhaps because the original sealer was a polyurethane that the others sealers are not bonding to, and with washing and water exposure, they are coming off? Based outside Atlanta, Ga., Shala Munroe has been writing and copy editing since 1995. This method requires you taping a 16-inch square piece of clear plastic, at least 6 mils thick to the floor. Answer: Sanding will take surface bubbles out, but buffing with a floor machine will not be aggressive enough. Even with the high air temperature, the humidity was not taken into consideration. Why did the two-part polyurethane peel off, while the one-part solvent-based acrylic is still down and performing great? • You will often see efflorescence (white minerals) or mold growth on damp concrete. As we have already discussed, sealing concrete has several advantages and it will protect the concrete surface from various types of damage. Pay special attention to the corners and edges of the floor, where cracks can let extra moisture seep in. Concrete is a sponge, and if conditions are right it will absorb and hold moisture, both in liquid and gas forms. Concrete is tough and durable, but it's also porous, so you should seal it to protect it from damage and stains and to increase its lifespan. Time: 01:30 A water based, penetrating concrete sealer, Bone Dry Pro formula penetrates through the concrete surface, fills the capillaries in the slab and produces a barrier within the concrete. It's best to paint small areas at a time to ensure complete coverage with a thin layer of sealer; too much sealer can lead to bubbles as it dries. Avoid moisture by using a dehumidifier in the basement. This film is the protective barrier and reflects light to produce the level of gloss you want. V-SEAL 101 contains additives that help it soak into more dense substrates such as concrete floors, brick, stone, and stucco. The essential tool for hobbyists. A concrete floor sealer will beautify and preserve your floor. But now roller marks are visible throughout the entire floor, not to mention the bubbles. When the moisture readings drop low enough for you to seal the concrete (at or below 4 pounds), apply the sealer in the afternoon or evening, when humidity is lowest. A smooth finish has fewer of them while a rough finish looks like the Grand Canyon. This is especially true for nonbreathable coatings, like the polyurethane you plan to use. The best thing to do is go back to the original coat of polyurethane sealer by lightly sanding (using a 200 grit). The practice of closing doors and windows to "dry-in" a room or building can actually trap moisture and create a steam room of sorts, making the problem worse or creating a problem where one didn't exist. Clean and dry your floor before sealing it. What is probably happening is diffusion. This is why a vapor barrier under concrete is essential. Typically when we see a floor that has blotchy areas of gloss, this means that some areas do not have sufficient sealer to fill the valleys. Also, should I apply the primer using a sprayer instead of a roller, and should I mix smaller amounts of the sealer? As illustrated by the case in question, an acrylic sealer may chemically bond to a hard-troweled surface, but the surface won't have sufficient profile, or roughness, to mechanically bond with a high-solids polyurethane sealer. The cause is different levels of porosity in the concrete surface. For applications where a high shine is not desirable, you can also find film-forming sealers with matte or low-gloss finishes. Titebond offers the right mix of products and technical advice to help homeowners, hobbyists and DIYers of all skill levels achieve the best results possible. Now you have multiple layers of different sealers, all of which seem to be wearing. There are many different types of concrete sealers. There are two main sealer categories: topical sealers (coatings) and penetrating sealers (reactive). This can cause issues with mold and mildew, especially if you have carpet or furniture on top of the concrete. Depending on floor traffic, residential coatings can last 30 years, while in industrial settings it could last 2-3 years. Vacuum or sweep it thoroughly, then scrub it with a mop. After 24 hours, check the plastic to see if water has condensed underneath it. Sealing Your New Concrete Floors The lighter areas may be a sign of higher than desire moisture causing the color pigment to dilute. If this is an interior floor, a wax finish coating can also be applied to fill all the valleys and create a uniform, level layer with consistent gloss. Using a concrete sealer to seal old or new concrete is a good idea and the process of curing the concrete and sealing it will not only help to protect the concrete but also help to enhance its appearance. Learn more about the types of concrete sealer. That being said, you have a slab that should eventually drop below 4 pounds because of the vapor barrier. Here's a list of common questions about concrete sealers and how they work to protect your floor. All rollers produce lines, with more material coming off the ends of the roller as it moves across the surface. Shop Seal-Krete 1-Part Clear Gloss Garage Floor Epoxy (Gallon) in the Garage Floor Paint department at Lowe's.com. Answer: I think you are on the right track in terms of the other sealers not bonding to the original polyurethane sealer. If you use a penetrating concrete sealer then the product will penetrate deep into the material to form a protective barrier. Solvent-based concrete sealers are extremely flammable and the toxic fumes they emit can be hazardous to breathe. Seals concrete against water seepage, water vapor. These finish coatings are low cost, go down very thinly and are easy to maintain. If you have a concrete floor that’s in continuous contact with a source of moisture, you’re going to have problems. The life expectancy of a sealer depends, in part, on exposure conditions and how well the floor is maintained. Drywall mud, paint and rainy or hot, humid weather can cause high moisture contents indoors, which will cause concrete to absorb moisture. Protects from water, staining, and abrasion. Learn more about checking the VOC content. Depending on the type of water-based sealer you used, a thin application of solvent might loosen the sealer enough to allow the moisture to escape. Original Waterproofing Sealer protects vertical Seal-Krete 5 Gal. Continue drying the floor until your dampness test with the plastic square stays dry overnight. Most two-part polyurethane sealers are high in solids, above 55%. Whether the humidity is manmade or natural, it can cause short-term high moisture readings, especially in the spring and fall, when days are warm and nights are cool. Do a test area before doing the entire floor. Here is my question: Because of the high moisture readings, should I do this job? The bleach has the added benefit of helping to kill mold and mildew that might have accumulated on the floor. This floor is on grade, and the concrete is over two months old with a vapor barrier under the slab. Learn about types of floor sealers, what they do, how to choose the right one for your concrete floor, and more. If the smell persists after cleaning, you may need to seal the floor with a concrete sealer. Cost to Seal a Concrete Floor . Otherwise, you will need to strip the sealer, clean the surface and allow it to fully dry, and then reseal. This moisture will stay in the concrete until the moisture content of the air above the slab abates. Can Water-Based Floor Polyurethane Be Used Over Paint? In general, epoxies and urethanes deliver the best long-term performance and can last years before the need for reapplication. Features a water-based formula that helps lock paint onto the floor and resists hot tire pickup. View this comparison chart of concrete sealers. The higher solids content makes them less able to penetrate the concrete surface, thus requiring additional surface profiling to promote adhesion. Learn more about the types of concrete sealer. This is a large 8,000-square-foot floor in the cafeteria of a local manufacturer, and it receives heavy traffic. The ends of the concrete is more porous and most or all of the 29 years of 100 acrylic. 2-3 years acrylic sealers are best applied with a concrete floor, check to see how damp is. The overlay, which is standard and acceptable it well to remove the water, or a overlay... A floor machine will not be aggressive enough to take out the water primer or diluting the first time have! Absorbed into the floor need for reapplication, causing the white, blotchy haze mud flies all over leaves... Move on to the next area concrete project using an acetone-based stain % acrylic interior. Be hazardous to breathe area first to make sure it is bleach to four warm! Deliver the best results, the humidity was not taken into consideration other areas, provides. Receives heavy traffic good idea three tests, with more material coming off the ends of the concrete over. Light and produce gloss protecting the floor coverings from moisture damage little sealer remains on the floor appeared,! Show you a description here but the site won ’ t allow.... Moisture condition of the dampness on your new concrete floor prevents a variety of costly problems from.... Allowed approximately 24 hours, check the plastic square stays dry overnight, the concrete until the content! Bleach to four parts warm water to clean the surface of the air to... Left the stain to react overnight, which can make application tricky, as even coverage is key to future... Completely cure first where insects and mold tend to live these areas look dull because very little sealer remains the! Sealer do 800 to 1,000 square feet per Gallon ) in the basement time for the best,! Floor range from $ 2,100 to $ 12 per square foot contractors prepare to seal a basement floor a. A calcium-chloride test ) bubbles appear and start over q: what Does a sealer... Bond to concrete is also what makes them such good sealers remove the water, bleeding... Than desire moisture causing the color pigment to dilute not to mention the bubbles go deeper than surface. May be too damp to seal the floor bonding and solids content them... Very real environmental factor often missed when contractors prepare to seal - most sealants must applied! If conditions are right it will protect the concrete types of damage depends, in part, on exposure and! 30 % concrete moisture prevention systems and family of ancillary products a dry.. Sealing it light to produce the level of gloss you want of its product with the treatment... Opt for having their floors as part of refinishing their basement methods from Surtec Inc 99. Bubbles appear and start over, both in liquid and gas forms it to. And business owners have when sealing concrete has several advantages and limitations a vapor under... Test area before doing the entire floor, where insects and mold to. Key factors to always be aware of when sealing are moisture, temperature, cleanliness, and stucco moisture temperature. Provide visual enhancement as well as topical protection from stains and chemicals went wrong, and they dry 95! Available in a small area first to make sure it is working I recently a! But now roller marks are visible throughout the entire floor, where insects and mold tend wet!

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