how to watch old episodes of one life to live

Posted at November 7, 2020

Echo seeks revenge against Dorian. Starr is upset that Langston has agreed to a date with James. Todd wants to go on the run with Danielle. Natalie struggles with making a difficult decision. James tries to comfort Starr. Each episode is supported by advertisements -- just like a show on television. Clint makes a daring move which jeopardizes his future. Todd is worried when Claude is taken to the police station. Chaos hits Llanview and things will never be the same. Blair reveals information about Tomas to Todd. Anonymous. Dani discovers her mom isn't eating. Tomas attempts to find out if Blair still has feelings for Todd. Todd has a gun as he watches Blair and Tomas kiss; Someone starts a fire at The Sun; Clint and Viki are about to kiss. Soap Operas 'One Life to Live' and 'All My Children' to Continue Online? Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Destiny makes a decision that will affect her future. Natalie has her baby! Concentrating on the wealthy Lord family, and the middle-class Woleks and Rileys, the show was one of the first daytime dramas to depict people from all sorts of backgrounds. Eli threatens Hannah with a gun; John tries to prove his theory. David's movie has a well-received response. Joey throws a punch when he finds John with his hands on Kelly. Cristian is shocked to discover Layla slept with Steffen. One Life to Live centres takes place in the fictional town of Llanview, PA.around the wealthy Lord family, and the middle-class Woleks and Rileys. Natalie listens to Marty's confession and discovers that John is the father of her baby. Starr and James discuss their feelings. Tess takes her baby. Sam is rushed to Llanview PD by Blair. Use the HTML below. It has also depicted dissociative identity disorder, cultism, out-of-body experiences, international espionage, time travel, and even underground cities! Shane comes face-to-face with his mother. Tomas finds Tea going through his belongings and has to explain why he has pictures of the "old" Todd. Shane recalls the night Victor was murdered. It's that simple. David comforts Viki; Shane reveals that he's hoping to give dad the best gift ever: justice for Gigi. Starr tries to convince Dani to go home. One Life to Live The Cramer Thanksgiving is crashed; Joey Buchanan comes to town. iTUNES Marty's memory starts returning. Joey and Kelly reconnect. Classic moments and episodes of One Life To Live. David Vickers the dog speaks! Christian gives Ford boxing lessons; Clint confesses he is Rex's father. Find out what's ahead next week on Days of our Lives, DAYS welcomes back Vanessa Williams as Dr. Valerie Grant, UPDATE: DAYS resumes production after shutdown over positive COVID test, Kristian Alfonso lands first post-DAYS gig, WATCH: Y&R, DAYS' Eileen Davidson stars in Middleton Christmas, DAYS' Molly Burnett upped to series regular on Queen of the South, TWO SCOOPS: Something wicked this way comes, GH RECAPS: What you missed the Week of October 26, 2020, GH SCOOP! How to Watch All My Children and One Life to Live If you’re reading this article, and I’m thinking you are, you have enough tech knowledge to watch your soaps. Jessica's baby is born. Created by Agnes Nixon. Roxy is convinced that David is a big enough celebrity to save "Fraternity Row"; Todd reveals that he knows Jack caused the fire at the Sun. Rick has an unpopular new idea for Starr's music video; Todd sees Blair and Tomas go upstairs. Shaun taunts Jack about how he feels about losing someone close to him. As Eli and Blair plan to leave town, John gets a warrant for Eli. John and Todd are gunned down outside of Rodi's, but who is responsible? Sparks fly when Cutter kisses Kelly. In 2005, Erika Slezak won her record sixth Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role as the oft-wed Viki Lord Buchanan. Jack still feels John blames him for Gigi's death. Tomas makes a confession to Tea about something he's been hiding; Someone takes aim at John and the man with Todd's original face; Dani tries to make amends with Nate for distrusting him. Ford and Tess runaway together. Tess snaps a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing. Nora and Rex recreate the night of Eddie's death. No special equipment is needed. It has also depicted dissociative identity disorder, cultism, out-of-body experiences, international espionage, time travel, and even underground cities! To watch All My … One Life to Live ran on ABC until January 2012, at which point it moved online through Hulu and iTunes via The Online Network. Familiar faces return as a chaotic event strikes Llanview. Trust us. Marty slaps Natalie and promises revenge. The identity of Rex's parents is revealed; James and Ford receive a visit from their father. The family grew again when Viki's long-lost siblings, Tina and Todd, were discovered. Tess returns. Todd is stunned to hear Tea's voice. Brody and Ford argue about who is Ryder's father. Nora, John and Bo gather evidence required to arrest Eli; Blair is informed there has been a change of plans. Clint has to decide between Viki and Kim; Tea tries to get John to open up about Natalie. Rex deals with his past. Bo is drugged. Llanview families such as the Buchanans and the Lords bid adieu in the series finale. Starr tells Blair she's a good mother; Viki confronts Echo. Its actors are superb; Erika Slezak has won more Emmys for her role as Victoria Lord Riley Burke Riley Buchannon Buchannon Davidson than any other actor in the history of television. B&B's Courtney Hope chats her Y&R debut: "I'm very impressed with where they're taking Sally" Genie Francis returns for "battle of the soul of General Hospital" Y&R welcomes back Tricia Cast as beloved character Nina Webster, DAYS recasts Theo Carver; Cameron Johnson joins soap as Abe's son, Y&R's Christel Khalil on Billy and Lily, moving back from Canada, and more [INTERVIEW], B&B tapes milestone episode, shares gratitude with fans, B&B SCOOP! Clint covers his involvement in David's disappearance; James, Nate and Ford bond at the gym. Viki walks in on Charlie and Echo in bed. Aubrey meets Kim. The Buchanans are a very wealthy family from Texas. Kelly lets slip to Joey that Aubrey and Ford used to date. Cutter makes a confession; Jack invites Todd to Christmas Eve with his family. Agnes Nixon is a pure genius for creating such a gem in the realm of television. News and More: Return to Soap Central's Soap Central FrontPage. Dorian and Niki have a confrontation. On the show, Kourtney took the role of Kassandra Kavanaugh (natch), an ambulance-chasing lawyer who gets into some trouble with her client. Natalie's mother wants to know her feelings about John. Viki discovers Echo's secret. David's family gets a surprise; things get tense in regard to Destiny's child. Marty considers stealing Natalie's baby. Tina offers to plan Natalie's wedding; Todd and Starr have a confrontation. Rex blackmails Dorian. Tea and Todd get intimate; Cole turns himself in. Many of the downloads, including Soap Central's all-things-soap podcast Soap Central Live, can be downloaded for free. John and Natalie start looking into the Eddie Ford case - is Todd guilty? The series first aired on January 20, 2004. Starr goes to Statesville to end things with Cole. Cutter spells out the terms of his deal to Rex. Set in Genoa City, this is the long-running soap that tells the story of the struggle behind the business, and sex-savvy Abbott and Newman clans. David is in jail; Kelly and Ford discover Eli eluded them. Brody realizes that Marty knows the truth about the baby and makes a threat. Nora and Bo are faced with life-changing decisions; Matthew may be the key to saving Clint's life. Brody threatens Victor. Tyler Johnson has announced that his time on Y&R has come to and end. The show was the first to depict an interracial relationship, and among the first to explore drug addiction. Log on and watch at your convenience. Cole tells Starr that Hannah is living with his mom; Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid of honor. Bo and Nora have Thanksgiving dinner by Matthew's bed; Jessica gets an unexpected apology; Viki catches a moment between Clint and Shane; death strikes Llanview. One Life to Live is a series that is currently running and has 44 seasons (1935 episodes). Blair reveals to Eli that fingers are pointing at him. Tea and Todd plan a party; Gigi, Kelly and Starr all unexpectedly kiss someone. Todd's life hangs in the balance. One Life to Live ran on ABC until January 2012, at which point it moved online through Hulu and iTunes via The Online Network. (1968–2013). John and Kelly wake up after spending the night together and now must deal with the aftermath.

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