kara and lena divorce fanfiction

Posted at November 7, 2020

She added a smile at the end to show the petite strawberry-blonde that she was joking. Only select agents knew Supergirl was in actual fact Kara Danvers, but everyone knew that Alex Danvers adored her baby sister and that Kara was dating Lena. It made her feel included and like she belonged, something she'd never felt before, not after growing up in the Luthor household. Kara triumphantly slapped a pair of DEO power dampening cuffs on the hostile alien she'd just beaten. She was always on the go, and when she finally did sit down she constantly had to have her hands occupied with something, whether it be her phone, talking animatedly with hand gestures, or readjusting her glasses. She desperately wanted to go shopping, hoping to replace her tired, frumpy wardrobe with something new and vibrant. Kara had been horrified at the thought of forsaking her name. Lena had unwittingly become one of the people who expected Kara to conform to human traditions and norms. Lena walked sluggishly to bed and on autopilot she dressed for bed and snuggled into Kara's embrace. Kara was almost excited as Lena and Eliza. What would a Kryptonian wear on their wedding day? For all intents and purposes one member of the marriage had to die to end the union. After being together since high school things didn't work out they decided to get a divorce. That couldn't be it. she barked. She didn't feel the need to lock it most of the time when she was home because honestly, what kind of ordinary intruder could take her? A knock at her door stopped her quest for the perfect outfit, and she let out a sigh. Lena makes a discovery that not only derails her relationship with Kara, but forces them to begin to see each other in ways they never expected to. The song that Stef dances is "Forbidden Fruit" by Korby Lenker I OWN NOTHING All clips and music belong to their respective owners. Kara smoothed out her blonde hair, which now stood up at odd angles. There's the first chapter. The elevator shuddered to a stop at last and opened onto a basement level, far away from the high tech command centre on the top floor. How long had this been going on and Lena had not noticed? His species was known for destruction and violence, and he had the strength to match hers. She was more fragile, and Winn was still working out the kinks in the new DEO armor. No dress is right because she has been looking at traditional human gowns and in her head the right one is something very different. She had silently made it back to the front door and pretending as if she had just arrived lifted her heavy business satchel and dropped it on the ground heavily before making her way noisily back to the living area. After being together since high school things didn't work out they decided to get a divorce. The hot water relaxed her muscles, and she felt refreshed, like she was a new person. She used her towel to dry her hair before wrapping the towel around herself and exiting the bathroom. That seemed so medieval. "Everything checks out, by the way. Finally she could take no more. It made me want to write more. She insisted that the right dress was out there, she just had to find it...that had been back in January, and it was now June and Kara still didn't have a dress. She reflexively reached for her phone in her pocket to check the time before she realized she was still wearing her Supergirl outfit. Someone is obviously aware of who Lena is, and is tense at the daughter and sister of rampant alien haters walking into his super secret, nifty little government base. Right now Alex looked like she could happily make Lena disappear into the depths of this building, never to be seen again. Kara got custody of Cameron, but now Cameron is now 10 and wants his mum's to be happy together again like they were when he was 4. Her mind was alive with thoughts and she couldn't afford to dull her mental acuity. With sex being an exceptional expression of the deepest love rather than the norm, with reproduction being fulfilled by the matrix, marriage was much more logically planned. Lena thought about it for a moment, unsure. She sighed in relief and ran a frustrated hand through her long, raven hair she'd worn loose and hanging over her shoulders that day. In her mind Lena tried to parse out if Alex was being partially serious. Thus, they had picked a date and a private venue for a small celebration. "Kara is fine. "Explain how you've been lying to me for over two years?" Lena was about to burst into the room demanding what was wrong, but she finally took notice of the magazine's covers and froze, rooted in place. Ever. Lena was Kara's favorite person in the whole wide world and Supergirl was Lena's favorite person in the whole wide world. "What's wrong?" Alex swivelled on her heel and marched back to the elevator, "come!" If anything, she could help the blonde, so she would feel like she was intruding less. Is this what humans feel like when they exercise? The agent stiffened further and quickly reached for the phone in front of him. The warmth of it was shocking to Lena, who suddenly felt cold everywhere else except where Kara was touching her. All she'd asked him for were prices on the materials he was trying to sell her, but that turned into a half-hour over-detailed explanation of each one. Ashley nodded, relieved she hadn't put her foot in her mouth. Now though, Lena is unsure if she had made the right choice. After a year of exclusion they would return to society under a new name and were forbidden any interaction with any of their previous friends, family or business associates. So I am. "Actually, I'm going to a friend's," she said. "Hot date?". Just want to say you can view this edit however you like, whether you ship them or just see them as friends it's down to you as the viewer. Dan asked once he'd returned to the front seat and got situated behind the wheel. She couldn't help smiling when he stared at her coldly, his hands gripping the arms of the chair he was sitting in so hard his knuckles turned white. The individual who underwent the rebirth ceremony stripped themselves of their family name, all previous accolades, friends and family and effectively died. She nearly plowed into the toweled woman and tripped over her heels at the abrupt halt. But they'd wrapped up with just enough time for her to go home and shower before her guests arrived. That was not something Kara wanted or had the time or energy for. Ship and let ship, keep fandom drama away from my comment section, thank you, please!I do not own the content in this video!───────────────────────────────────────Program: Vegas Pro 14.0Video Tracks: 7Audio Tracks: 4TV Show: SUPERGIRL [Kara and Lena]Song: Lovely by Billie EilishColouring: Libra (adjusted) by charizzaard───────────────────────────────────────Contact me:Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/PzCWVFMInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsatwinthing_yt/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsATwinThingYTTumblr: https://itsatwinthing-yt.tumblr.com/ Kara wished her speed was something that helped when it came to taking a shower, but sadly that wasn't the case. Lena shook her head. Kara blocked her way once again. So marriage on Krypton was a serious commitment, would little girls dream of their wedding days? Spending time with the people she loved most in the world reminded her why she put on the cape in the first place, to protect them. ", Lena nodded sharply, "I can't be sure, but it's my current theory. He still insisted and eventually she just started letting him. I have plans." It was something she wasn't even sure Kara realized she did herself, but Alex did. ", Alex looked sharply at her, "You better not be pulling out Luthor or I swear to God…", Lena cut Alex off quickly before she got a full head of steam, "No, of course not, it's about the dress.". Lena strode towards the nondescript building in downtown National City. The garment in question was now in Lena's hands. She thought if there was anyone who deserved to be on time for, it was Kara. Kara and lena high school fanfiction. One partner had to perform the ceremony of rebirth. However, marriage on Krypton was the pinnacle of vows. So I may get yelled at by a few people for starting a new multichapter story while I'm currently working on one already. After a few moments Kara got a message back from her sister assuring her that she would do that and be on her way soon. Kara was perhaps struggling to pick a wedding dress because Lena was forcing her to accept human norms of the event. A mundanely dressed man sat behind a desk appearing to be just like any other building concierge. She needed to find out what Kara's perfect wedding looked like. "Agent Danvers is on her way Miss Luthor.". She smiled to herself as she retrieved her handbag from under her desk. She was surprised to hear it open again a second later and was afraid he'd come back to get in the last word. After giving him the address Dan pulled away from the curb and began driving them through town. Lena, who was always so put-together and immaculate, something Kara envied. That was the perfect explanation for the short answer. Now that her Supergirl work was done for the day she could get back to her human life: Kara Danvers, CatCo reporter and devoted friend and sister. Lena pulled her Luthor mask tight and followed Alex.

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