lawrence, kansas massacre

Posted at November 7, 2020

Coordinates: 38°57′51″N 95°14′09″W / 38.96427°N 95.23590°W / 38.96427; -95.23590, Collapse of the Women's Prison in Kansas City, This article does not contain any citations or references. Stephens, Columbia, MO., 1898. Members of his Raiders gathered from 1888 to 1929 to recount their war efforts. }} Osceola was plundered and nine men were given a drumhead court-martial trial and executed.

... Lawrence, KS 66044 785.856.3040: When the Kansas Territory was opened to settlement in 1854, abolitionists from New England rushed to the area in an effort to keep the territory from becoming pro slavery. Lane was a military leader and chief political proponent of the jayhawking raids that had cut a swath of death, plundering, and arson through western Missouri (including the destruction of Osceola) in the early months of the Civil War. “Connelley, William Elsey, Quantrill and the border wars, The Torch Press, 1910, pp 362-363. 11 (not to be confused with Grant's famous General Order of the same name) evicting thousands of Missourians in four counties from their homes near the Kansas border. However, the group did wantonly kill men who were most likely simple farmers, many without any real connection to the Union. Quantrill's men burned to the ground a quarter of the buildings in Lawrence, including all but two businesses. Senator James H. Lane was at the top of the list. Please improve this article by adding a reference. He was involved in several skirmishes with Jayhawkers (pro-Union guerilla bands) and eventually was made a Captain in the Confederate Army. [23]) Speer’s youngest son, fifteen-year-old Billy, may have been included on the death lists, but he was released by Quantrill’s men after giving them a false name.

Page 104. By the next year, the raiders had disintegrated as a unified force, so were unable to achieve similar successes. Quantrill's men burned to the ground one in four buildings in Lawrence, including all but two businesses. [24] Charles Robinson, first governor of Kansas and a prominent abolitionist, may also have been on the list, though he maintained he was spared because Quantrill respected his efforts to keep peace on the border at the start of the war. William Clarke Quantrill was a Confederate captain during the American Civil War and was responsible for the Lawrence massacre, which was one of the worst and bloodiest events in the war. [15] However, a 1995 study of the events and affidavits surrounding the collapse concludes this is "the least plausible of the theories." They torched the town of Lawrence, Kansas and killed more than 175 men and boys, many of them in front of their families. 2), pages 113 to 121 Transcribed by Tod Roberts; digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society. The looting further suggests that Quantrill did not have purely ideological motives for attacking Lawrence. By 1863, Kansas had long been the center of strife and warfare over the admission of slave versus free states. Robinson, Charles, The Kansas Conflict, Harper and Brother, 1892, page 447. 294,295, Harris, Charles F. "Catalyst for Terror: The Collapse of the Women's Prison In Kansas City", Missouri Historical Review, April 1995, pp. [28] Bobbie Martin is generally cited as being the youngest victim; some histories of the raid state he was twelve years old,[29] while others state he was fourteen. The 2010 Coen Brother's film, True Grit, includes a scene in which the characters played by Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon argue about Quantrill. According to an 1897 account, among the dead were 18 out of 23 unmustered army recruits. John Brown might be the best known participant, but numerous groups fought for each side in Bleeding Kansas. According to an 1897 account, among the dead were 18 of 23 unmustered army recruits. Lawrence was also a headquarters for a band of redlegs that had initiated a particularly vicious jayhawking campaign in late March 1863. Erastus D. Ladd's Description of the Lawrence Massacre by Burton J. Williams. 296,297. As one observer (apparently a member of the Fifth Kansas Cavalry) noted, “I believe the Red Legs will kill any man in this country for a good horse; and they have glorified themselves considerably over finishing some unarmed sympathizers.”[8] In describing the activities of the redlegs, Union General Blunt stated, “A reign of terror was inaugurated, and no man’s property was safe, nor was his life worth much if he opposed them in their schemes of plunder and robbery.”[9] It is difficult to quantify the number of civilians killed by the redlegs, but a letter written from the Lexington area early in the redlegs campaign (April 1863) stated the redlegs had, “killed at least fifty men, who were unarmed and heretofore lived in peace and quiet"[10], In a bid to put down the Missouri guerrilla raiders operating in Kansas, General Thomas Ewing, Jr. issued in April 1863 "General Order No.
Finally, they killed between 185 and 200 men and boys. On August 21, 1863, Quantrill led his band of about 450 men into Lawrence, Kansas. A Dynasty of Western Outlaws.

[26] The men and boys riding with "Bloody Bill" Anderson also accounted for a disproportionate number of the Lawrence dead. The sack of Lawrence and the massacre at Pottawatomie set off a brutal guerrilla war in Kansas. By the beginning of the American Civil War, Lawrence, Kansas, was already a target for pro-slavery ire, having been seen as the anti-slavery stronghold in the state and more importantly, a staging area for Union and Jayhawker incursions into Missouri. Letter signed by “Fifth Cavalry”, Western Journal of Commerce (Kansas City, MO), April, 1863. Over four hours, they pillaged and set fire to the town and murdered most of its male population. They attacked this pro-Union stronghold, killing over 150 men, with few of them offering resistance. Quantrill and his men staged numerous raids into Kansas during the early part of the Civil War. R. Cordley's Description of the Massacre (published in 1865), 1897 account "Guns and the Gospel" with listing of Lawrence Massacre Victims at the end of Chapter 22, Monument to victims of William C. Quantrill, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Massacre?oldid=4170599.
Among these appear to have been Frank James and his younger brother, Jesse James.[36]. Is that these demons claimed there were here to revenge the wrongs done their families by our men under Lane, Jennison, Anthony and Co."[7] Jennison's raids into Missouri were thorough and indiscriminate, and left five counties in western Missouri wasted, save for the standing brick chimneys of the two-storey period houses, which are still called "Jennison Monuments" in those parts. Most of the victims of the raid were unarmed when gunned down. Almost all were armed with multiple six-shot revolvers. They looted most of the banks and stores, as well. After this, he gave an order to give "no quarter.". The film starred John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, and Walter Pidgeon, but bore no resemblance to the events of history. INTRODUCTION At this time, Kansas was deeply embroiled in violence between pro-slavery and Free Soil proponents. The Union Commander was given the blame and this fanned the already-fearsome flames of the Raiders. R. Cordley's Description of the Massacre (published in 1865), 1897 account "Guns and the Gospel" with listing of Lawrence Massacre Victims at the end of Chapter 22, Monument to victims of William C. Quantrill, https://civilwar.wikia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Massacre?oldid=3959, Paul I. Wellman (1961). The 1940 film Dark Command, based on a novel of the same name, is a fictionalized account of the events in much more of a classic B-movie western style. Many of the men had been riding for over 24 hours to make the rendezvous and had lashed themselves to their saddles to keep riding if they fell asleep. |date= In the USA Network dramedy Psych, the fictional "Battle of Piper's Cove" reenacted in the 2006 episode "Weekend Warriors" seems to be based on the Lawrence Massacre. However, he left Ohio to make more money for himself and his family. The Lawrence Massacre The following work has been made available by the Kansas Collection of Kenneth Spencer Research Library and the Department of History of the University of Kansas. "The universal testimony of all the ladies and others who talked with the butchers of the 21st ult. The purported objective of this group was to eliminate civilian support for the Confederate guerillas, but their tactics (executions, arson, and plundering) were employed rather indiscriminately. 302, 303. 10, which ordered the arrest of anyone giving aid or comfort to Quantrill's raiders. Nichols, Bruce, Guerilla Warfare in Western Missouri, 1861, McFarland and Company, 2004, page 209. By the end of 1856, over 200 people would be gunned down in cold blood.

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