list of seattle police officers

Posted at November 7, 2020

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Have you seen what our police officers are going through? In August 2010, SPD officer Ian Birk shot and killed Indian woodcarver John T. He was given a single day of unpaid suspension. Copyright © The Washington Sentinel. [43], In November 2016, Officer Adley Shepherd was fired after he punched a drunk, handcuffed woman who kicked him while he was putting her into the back of his police car. These precincts define east, west, north, south, and southwest patrol areas, with a police station in each. Last year’s gross numbers are also somewhat skewed, because members of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) received lump-sum retroactive raises from 2015-2018, when they worked under an expired contract. Still, it is common enough that of the 75 SPD officers who prosecutors have added to their lists over the past 15 years, nearly a third remain employed by the department. Have a nice day. Learn more about the crime in your neighborhood and what SPD is doing about it. This continued until a second officer intervened to push the first officer's knee to the suspect's back. Just before 6:00 PM, a 58-year-old female was attempting to cross Aurora when she was struck by a driver [...], Hit and Run Vehicle Collision Witness Form, U-Visa or T-Visa Law Enforcement Certification, Reporting Domestic Violence to Law Enforcement, Getting Medical Care After a Sexual Assault, Retrieving Property Held at the Evidence Unit, Disposal of Unwanted Firearms, Ammo or Fireworks, Officer Involved Shootings (OIS) Dashboard, Traffic Stops - What to do if you get pulled over, African American Community Advisory Council, Automated Photo Enforcement Program - School Zone Speed Cameras, Automated Photo Enforcement Program - Red Light Cameras, Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking, Police Officer Candidates' Frequently Asked Questions, Find out more at King County Public Health, restrictions around street parking and enforcement, Gun Recovered After Man Found Sleeping in Stolen Truck Fights with Officers, Seven Arrested at Capitol Hill Demonstration, Detectives Investigating Fatal Motorist/Pedestrian Collision on Aurora Avenue. [19] On Monday June 8 the police boarded up the precinct and withdrew from the building. Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant said “The police had come prepared to inflict violence without provocation.” By this time protestors had coalesced around demands of defunding of the police department by at least 50%, an expansion of investments in black and brown communities, and releasing all protestors. [55], In June 2020, a Federal Judge in Seattle ordered local police to stop using tear gas, pepper spray, flash bangs, rubber bullets, and other force against non-violent protestors, finding that the Seattle Police had used excessive force against demonstrators, violating their right to free speech.[56]. After five years as a police officer, they can take a promotional examination. Alcantara is one of 24 SPD officers on the so-called “Brady Lists” kept by the King County Prosecutor and the City Attorney’s Office. If you don’t wish to become a monthly contributor, you can always make a one-time donation via PayPal, Venmo (Erica-Barnett-7) or by mailing your contribution to P.O. Over the past decade, the lists have grown to include dozens of SPD officers, and they continue to grow. On July 25, 2018, Seattle PD released a video of police officers lip-syncing the words to Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in response to the Lip Sync Challenge.[60]. Despicable. Mailing Address: #BREAKING: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best says she’s retiring from the Seattle Police Department, effective September 2nd in department-wide e-mail obtained by KOMO News. Start with the DA and work your way down. The new poll released Thursday by the Rasmussen polling group finds that nearly 60 percent of respondents believe that there is currently a “war on police” across the country. I grew up in the Seattle area, but moved to Texas after High School. The officers were in extremely critical condition following the unprovoked attack. The Seattle Police Department has been crippled by officers retiring and quitting the force as the city’s politicos turn against the department. The median gross pay among SPD’s more than 2,000 employees last year was about $153,000, not including benefits, with 374 employees grossing at least $200,000 and 77 making at least $250,000, according to a Times analysis. This is BLM and what they stand for pic.twitter.com/Mup2e69RYn, — special agent viti (@selfdeclaredref) September 13, 2020, Wow. Learn what the Professional Standards Bureau does and review a timeline of police reform. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The budget plan is a far cry from cutting the 1,400-officer force “in half,” but it was enough to push Best out the door. News footage of this response and of the rioting was broadcast worldwide. This led to a chain of events which culminated in the man's suicide in June of that year. Well, Democratic Virginia voters are you happy? Those who quit, though, are nothing compared to the massive cuts the city is preparing to implement. I will not allow my deputies or any law enforcement officer in Butler County to take the abuse I have seen over the past several months. An officer could find a nice quiet area to live in let’s say Greenlake area but regularly patrols the Rainier Valley. Detective Poblocki, for instance, has continued to make so-called “Terry Stops“—stopping someone based on an officer’s “reasonable suspicion” that the person is involved in criminal activity—for the past two years as part of the West Precinct’s burglary and theft squad, despite his dubious presence on the KCPO and CAO’s lists. Harbor Unit patrol of 59 square miles of waterways. [11], In 1987, the Seattle Police Department created the modern mountain bike patrol units, paving the way for cities across North America to follow. OPA Director Andrew Myerberg says it’s rare for officers who land on the lists to keep their jobs. Police vehicles in the United States and Canada are produced by several manufacturers and are available in three broad vehicle types: Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV), Special Service Vehicles (SSV), and Special Service Package (SSP).. Police Pursuit Vehicles are the most common police cars. In 2006, Kyle Chandler portrayed an ill-fated lieutenant in Seattle's Police Department's bomb squad in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. ” Corruption rages and cops continue as many know and enable their perjury and illegal seizures. “Yes. Another, Detective Franklin Poblocki, somewhat famously spent forty minutes, in the Central District in a rolling chair after the two exchanged barbs over a towed car in 2018. 66 percent of whites and 70 percent of other minorities also feared a shortage of police officers. To protect the health and safety of our staff and customers, and to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the Seattle Police Department has closed police headquarters front counter services and our precinct facilities to the public. “You shoot at the police, expect us to shoot back. [17] In 2007, Battle in Seattle was released starring Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson. On June 5, Mayor Durkan banned the use of tear gas for 30 days without the approval of the Police Chief. . Officers had been dispatched to the area of the 4000 block of Fauntleroy Way SW at about 1 p.m. at the request of another police agency. It claimed to be the largest police museum in the western United States until its closure in 2017.[59]. Far left wing protesters went to the hospital where the officers were to receive treatment. Support The C Is for Crank When they stopped the man to question him, he quickly admitted that he had taken the wire from a site near Yesler Terrace. Witnesses say he referred to this behavior as community policing.

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