marika gerrard and bob tur

Posted at November 7, 2020

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. It was us versus them and that is what helped create the Los Angeles Riots. The man is a coward. It was three days of rough work and under dangerous, difficult conditions. It just showed really how quickly things can devolve. The impact that the video had is it saved lives. ", You mentioned the helicopter being shot. These guys didn't even know the Rodney King verdict at the time. And Katy love to watch you on tv. Marika Gerrard Was married, but later divorced. I'm done. BC075051. There's a reason why all those police officers, in full view of the public, believed they could beat Rodney King as viciously and as long as they did without any fear of prosecution. 'Bob Tur was legendary, and she liked that. In August 2006, Tur was cited by Israeli medics for saving the life of an IDF soldier during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.[15]. It saved Mr. Denny's life. During the ensuing violence, he went on national TV to plead with people, "Can we all get along?" Simpson murder case in episode 3. And rightfully so. I had another guy come up and preach Jesus to me and tell me I was going to go to hell for bringing negativity to the 'hood. Marika was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. [25], During a TMZ video chat in the summer of 2013, Tur described her understanding of one practical impact of the changes in her brain over the course of her hormone replacement therapy in piloting terms. Tur and Gerrard start covering news in their cars, driving to the scenes of crimes, using police scanners to catch the scoop before bigger stations. But understandably, the police did not want to be seen on live TV shooting people. Our kids have a strong sense of justice but they also were very skeptical of authority. Watching the violence take place on the streets below was horrific. Your email address will not be published. ", "The World According to Zoey Tur: An Interview With the Breakout Star of 'O.J. Was there a point when you thought you were going to have to just leave the area? ", "FOR ZOEY TUR, A NEW LIFE AS TRANSGENDER WOMAN TAKES FLIGHT", "Rival chopper pilots who covered O.J. It's a medical condition that was treated. The couple first met in 1978 when Bob was a regular patron of Westwood’s Bruin Movie Theatre where Marika worked. Because they weren't going to be backed up. Nobody was going to stick their neck out. How do you feel about that? It saved the lives of countless people -– this confirmed by the LA County's D.A. We only stopped long enough to make sure the kids were okay and to take a shower and get back out there. They were up in the helicopter with us some of the other times that we saw police attacking suspects and so they had unfortunately -- or fortunately -- a very healthy disrespect for authority [laughs]. And they said, "Oh cool!". Marika Gerrard's Current Relationship. In the years since he has been arrested numerous times, mainly for alcohol-related crimes, and has made several attempts at rehabilitation, including an appearance on television's "Celebrity Rehab." That is why camera people are always getting shot. How did filming the Reginald Denny beating alter the course of the riots at that time? It wasn't a revolution. The Los Angeles Times recently published a puff piece about the differences between then and now and it was such a disservice to the community. Tur has been credited with locating seven missing aircraft. with Alastair Stewart called The Man Who Shot OJ. Besides, she is also known as the ex-wife of transgender news reporter Bob Tur aka Zoey Tur. [6] Tur's other noteworthy reporting included the attack on Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots and finding the crash site of Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771. CBS News, 60 Minutes-The Man That Shot O.J. In December 1996, Tur appeared in a two-part episode of the ITV documentary Police Camera Action! Born Robert Allen Tur to a Jewish family,[3][4] Tur dropped out of college at age 18 in 1978. What did it feel like to be a reporter at that time? But then we would drive home for an hour's rest to the Pacific Palisades, and it's like nothing's happened. [6] Tur: People individually are smart. We flew over South Central in the area controlled by the Crips, between 83rd Street and Normandie, and it wasn’t long before we saw the very first violence. In 2016, Tur appeared in several episodes of the 30 for 30 miniseries O.J. The series features archival footage as well as Tur's recollections of covering the 1992 Los Angeles riots in episode 2 and of the June 17, 1994 police chase of O.J. See details below. In February 2015, Tur was hired by Inside Edition to appear on three episodes. They're shooting at me -- I'm in the open door way!" So the violence started there and then it became a loot-fest. I remember being in the projects at 11 o'clock at night and walking back by myself to the car to get a camera battery. Bob, you were the first person to find OJ's Bronco … and some feel that the OJ trial outcome was retribution for the Rodney King verdict. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles). Introduction : The American journalist and photographer, Marika Gerrard is best known for co-founding the… Read More » Marika Gerrard Wikipedia Bio, Photos, Husband Bob Tur, Age

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