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Posted at November 7, 2020

This turned into a way longer post then i meant it tooo, my bad. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth avenging here.. Synopsis: Before he became a guardian, Jack found only one person who could see him. Highly recommended. Synopsis: New Mexico was not the first time Thor had been a mortal. Comments: Stated to be rated M with the genre "Adventure/Romance," so it may go into shipping eventually, but nothing definite so far. Synopsis: Steve's not usually oblivious - far from it, in fact. Also, I really love Darcy. Clint and Natasha were never very good at acting like normal people, though, which is why they run a cafe together. When Steve and Tony hack into SHIELD to find missing weapons shipments they find more than they bargained for in the form of a prisoner who should, by rights, have been sent to Asgard long ago. Synopsis: The Church of the Holy Shield, run by Pastor Nicholas Fury, has always communed with angels. I pride myself on picking quality stories, and there aren't a lot of SI's out there that are good, doubly so when it comes to Marvel SI's in my experience. Comments: Probably one of the defining fics for this, Synopsis: Being a single parent is always a challenge - especially when you are Director of SHIELD. Comments: It's the single most hilarious, touching, and well-written fanfic this troper has ever read. If they’re permanently transformed into a housepet? Filed under Marvel fic Avengers fic avengers fanfiction avengers fic rec HS AU not super AU steve centric avengers/tasm tasm fic, For this prompt at avengerkink: “Some time after the events of the movie, somebody sits the Avengers down together to go through some standard SHIELD paperwork. I appreciate the author for having Betty Ross appear in the story as well as the appearances of Pepper Potts, Jane Foster, and Darcy Lewis. For something that is essentially crack, it's very well written and fits nicely into the Avengers universe. Play videogames of course! By THOR. Heck, I've got great Marvel stories that aren't Xovers that I could recommend too (like a few good Loki or Spiderman fic's). Comments: An absolutely adorable and awesome kidfic where. But is a world without the Trickster really a place to live in? Synopsis: Fury forces the Avengers to hold job interviews for a new position. She watches the news instead, and realizes one very important thing: the Avengers have a bit of a PR problem. You Must Remember This (otherwise forget it) by yuma, The Peace in Our Time Series by DC-MarvelGirl 1997. Recommendations Marvel or DC Fanfic. Recommended by: autopanda, Dame-Amaryllis. by longdarkteatime, Even a Miracle Needs a Hand by victoria_p, Hapless Queer Avengers by bluestalking & feverbeats, I've Suffered Shipwrecks by paperclipbitch, The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis, Resurrection, Reconstruction & Redemption by Elspethdixon & Seanchai, Secrets of a Successful Marriage by valtyr, she blinded me with political science by thingswithteeth, Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore by scifigrl47, Embrace the Fire: The Avenger Games by lorata, Fight the Good Fight by Independence-Day & JonHarper, In Which Neither Coulson nor Sherlock are Dead by TheDullYellowEye. wants done. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. The thing is, the last time Bruce was in a government medical facility, things went badly for him. The third may be their last. Synopsis: Natasha had been taught to pretend — to make eye contact and to act and respond just like she was supposed to act and respond — from an early age. ANIMAL transformations, I freaking love these, have read a bunch with Loki being stuck as a cat and it has to be one of the greatest things ever, so if you know any please rec, (especially if its Clint, I can't seem to find many with him being changed into something else). And Banner’s been holding out on them, keeping these military lab sessions to himself. Tony makes the mistake of buying nine penguins. Using her wits and skills, Natasha and her new group of friends work together to destroy the enemy known as Hydra. It's a oneshot, but rather long. Apparently he was going to be redeemed. Recommended by: Oris, Ellawenna, caughtbluehanded, yosafbrige. Comments: It's the one of the most heart-stopping, well-written piece of crossover fic that I've ever seen. Loki Olson, a warlock raised by the staunchest supporter of anti-magic regulation, dreams of a better future where he no longer is a fugitive hunted by the government, and fights to make it happen. Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, the climax will make you cry in the best possible way. To whom would they give prospective consent in case of a fuck-or-die/sex-pollen situation? Comments: A very sweet, non-angsty, Steve-centric fic about him adjusting to his new life and finding a place for himself in 2012. Filed under Marvel fic Avengers fic avengers fanfiction avengers fic rec steve centric bruce centric, Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Bruce Banner/Clint Barton. Where was an abyss to be thrown into when you needed it? Synopsis: What if, instead of sending the defeated Loki back to Asgard, S.H.I.E.L.D. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. These are recommendations made by Tropers for My Hero Academia Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page.the Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. No linking to pre-patched ROMs: If adding a ROM hack, link to the hack's IPS or BPS file instead. Loki's portrayal is written as a combination of his Movie appearances with a smattering of his mythological backstory and it creates an unforgettable villain turned Deuteragonist. Comments: A crack-y, hilarious fanfiction that's just kind of pokes fun at every given corner. A funny and oddly sweet fanfic! Synopsis: Years later, Loki has to repay New York City for leading the Chitauri attack. Comments: A heartstring-tugging story of how the members of a Captain America forum that Phil Coulson founded try to track him after the events of The Avengers, and deal with their loss. Synopsis: AU. Please feel free to send in ideas. Synopsis: The lives of the Avengers as they knit together into a beautifully overprotective pack: dark pasts come knocking, team bonding is done, and stuff blows up, not necessarily in that order. Synopsis: What do the Avengers do in their spare time? Synopsis: To no one's pleasure, Loki ends up stranded in SHIELD custody after the events of The Avengers. Comics: Marvel fanfiction archive with over 4,072 stories. So he calls in Captain John Watson, late of the British Royal Army, and blogger and best friend to the infamously antisocial presumably deceased Sherlock Holmes. The Avengers won't stand for this, and are faced with human trafficking rings, undercover assignments, and far too many moral dilemmas as they investigate and attempt to bring her home again.

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