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Posted at November 7, 2020

Just a question… I am old enough to collect Social Security benefits. It’s been 7 weeks and my job portal looks exactly the same as the day I filed.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Let us count the ways, Gallery: Posts from Mark Robinson's Facebook page, Protests erupt in streets of Philadelphia after Black man shot, killed by police, DRAUGHON DRAWS: Editorial Cartoons from CBC Opinion, After 40 years, Wheels Family Fun Park could become a City-owned recreation center, RNC chairwoman alleges voting irregularities in Michigan, Atlanta officials discuss final vote count, Conservative voter rally organizer: NC first lady admits to giving middle finger to child, 1897 Poe House to open for tours, holiday event, 82nd Airborne exercises shake up homes, loud aircraft heard on election night near Holly Springs, Looking back: The rare hybrid solar eclipse of Nov. 3, 2013, WRAL, City of Raleigh invite you to a new holiday tradition, Carowinds to reopen for holiday-themed event, Princessing during a pandemic: Local princesses provide free virtual storytelling sessions for kids, Abandoned colonial settlement, stop on Underground Railroad, falling apart in Snow Camp, Accounts hacked? Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them. What is the most I can work at my part time job and still get unemployment benefits. . Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. Once you establish that you are monetarily eligible and that you lost your job due to no fault of yours, you will gain qualification for monetary benefits. I received a balance payout check on March 22, 2019 and before I could get to the bank to cash the check my dog ate most of it. Nearly $8 billion in federal and state benefits have been disbursed to the qualifying workers. But the unemployment office, and even this thread mentions 12 weeks. Click to See All CONTESTS available from WRAL.com, Need to see a doctor? Each state has its own way to calculate. I was laid off due to lack of work , I cant even get unemployment to tell me how much I can draw. The law in North Carolina mandates that the benefits should only be given to those who lost their jobs due to no fault of theirs. Also, if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities or the schemes introduced by the department, contact DES by calling 1-888-737-0259. They have been saying that for weeks. I applied for UI benefits on Feb. 1st 2019. Something needs to be done! I relocated from NY to NC. The Division of Economic Security takes cases of fraud very seriously. NC.GOV Home; Services; NC.gov » Unemployment and Labor Statistics . What is going on? North Carolina offers Unemployment Insurance to the citizens of the state for those who have lost their jobs for no cause. Non-Fraudulent overpayments occur due to administrative miscalculations arising due to unintentional errors committed by the claimant, employer or by the DES. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website. The shift will hit people on the tail end of maximum benefits – those who use up all state benefits, then a special federal extension put in place for the pandemic, then another federal extension that existed long before coronavirus hit, which varies based on a state's unemployment rate. They lowered my pay to the standards here plus taken my seniority. Still, almost 388,000 fewer people were working in August compared to August 2019.

Find highly detailed statistics on the state’s labor market, including unemployment rates from all 100 counties, by month and year. What’s the holdup?

Unbelievable! The State of North Carolina has set certain parameters to decide what are the criteria and who can be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Any claimant or employer who receives a determination that the concerned person considers to be unfavorable could appeal and place a request a hearing. I can understand your situation. Please call the Unemployment Office for more. The increase will be retroactive to Sept. 6, so some people should get a large check to make up the difference. Overpayments received by the claimants must be repaid to DES, failing which the department may conduct a tax-offset with your tax returns to recover the amount owed. With a Republican legislature, it is surprising that there is any unemployment benefit at all but we get what we vote for. You can also consider looking at the “alternate base period”. Can I apply for unemployment benefits while receiving severance pay. Please help us. No help but the exact same situation.

An overpayment occurs when a claimant receives benefits to which he/she is not entitled to, either inadvertently or through wilful misdirection. My job is moving from one part of Charlotte to downtown, which will make my commute go from 20mins to 45mins. Only an interested party can file a valid appeal. City. The Law requires all persons who have received benefits to which they are not entitled “for any reason” to be liable to repay the benefits received, including when decisions at any Division or judicial level have been reversed on appeal. You will have to create a login ID and password to create your new online account. Phone. I am a single mom and needed both jobs to pay all my bills. Public records show the North Carolina Department of Commerce made dozens of work orders to … You must make sure to register for work at www.NCWorks.gov by creating an account online. I’ve called the numbers listed, no one ever answers. So I don’t know what to do. Suggest you get it clarified by calling the Unemployment Office. To make sure that you receive your weekly benefits every week without any hurdles, consider the following points: To apply for unemployment benefits in North Carolina, you will need the following documents: The most convenient way to file a claim is by doing so through the North Carolina’s Division of Employment website – https://des.nc.gov/.

Both the sources are available for 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Also, if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities or the schemes introduced by the department, contact DES by calling. I would like an accounting for why this happens in my state. occurs when you knowingly provide false or misleading information to get benefits or to extend the benefits weeks.

Unemployment and Labor Statistics .

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