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Posted at November 7, 2020

[14] In 1969 the NZSS was formally renamed the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service. Its goal was to counter increased Soviet intelligence operations in Australia and New Zealand in the wake of the Petrov Affair of 1954, which had damaged Soviet-Australian relations. Brigadier Lindsay Smith CMG CBE (1983–1991), In 1974, the SIS was the source of information that led to the arrest of, In 1981, the SIS was criticized for drawing up a list of 20 "subversives" who participated in protests against the, Also in 1981, a SIS operative inadvertently left a briefcase, containing a copy of, In 1985, the SIS failed to prevent the French operation in which, In 1996, two SIS agents broke into the home of Aziz Choudry. Candidates need to have been an NZ citizen for at least a decade. The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS or SIS; Māori: Te Pā Whakamarumaru) is New Zealand's primary national intelligence agency. Now New Zealanders with dreams of being the next Bond have a chance to prove their spy prowess, with the NZ SIS opening its doors at the launch of a … Those accepted as spies go on to take a 14-week surveillance officer course, with the next intake due in January/February 2019. This week, the GCSB's director-general closed a speech with a quick plug for the intelligence recruitment website Beyond Ordinary. Its existence remained a state secret until 1960. Could this be your new office? Head Office. The Act gave censorship powers to the government around matters of national security and terrorism. [3] It is headquartered in Wellington and overseen by a Director-General, the Minister of New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, and the parliamentary intelligence and security committee; independent oversight is provided by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security. Its role has also expanded to include countering domestic and international terrorism, chemical, biological, and cyber threats. The NZSS was again modeled on the British domestic intelligence agency MI5 and its first Director of Security, Brigadier William Gilbert, was a former New Zealand Army officer. But it rejected any notion there was a skills shortage at the secretive agency, which is a member of the shadowy Five Eyes intelligence alliance. You also need to be able to sit in a car for a really, really long time. ... Pipitea House, Wellington, which houses the NZSIS and GCSB. [12], On 28 November 1956, the First National Government established the New Zealand Security Service (NZSS). The Privacy Act does not cover deceased people but their files are available under the Official Information Act. During the Second World War, the short-lived New Zealand Security Intelligence Bureau (SIB) took over. Premium Auckland Wellington Christchurch. It has close to 300 full-time staff. Those with permanent residence or an NZ residency class visa - who have been a citizen of the UK, US, Canada or Australia for at least a decade - are eligible too. [10], In the first half of the 20th century, domestic intelligence and counter-subversion were primarily in the hands of the New Zealand Police Force (1919–1941; 1945–1949) and the New Zealand Police Force Special Branch (1949–1956). "We're always on the lookout for talent," Andrew Hampton told the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs in Wellington. Core work. Following the end of the war in 1945, the police force resumed responsibility for domestic intelligence. The Immigration Amendment Act of 1978 further expanded the definition of terrorism. Its role is intended to be advisory, providing the government with information on threats to national security or national interests. Hampton said the GCSB offered a range of career paths, such as engineering, cyber security specialists, computer science and technical analysis. In response to this, the New Zealand Parliament enacted the 1961 Crimes Act to allow improved targeting of possible terrorist suspects and scenarios. [4] Since then, its legislated powers have expanded to increase its monitoring capabilities and include entry into private property. Oversight inquiry - is the GCSB breaking the law again? However, the conman Syd Ross duped Major Folkes into believing that there was a Nazi plot in New Zealand. "Diversity is proven to lead to better decision-making which is important for an organisation such as ours," Hampton said. The Service is broadly divided into two main areas – Intelligence and Corporate. "We want more people to be thinking of the GCSB as a possible career path," Hampton said. Currently, more than two thirds of NZ SIS staff are pakeha, TVNZ reported. Its stated roles are: As a civilian organization, the SIS's remit does not include enforcement (although it has limited powers to intercept communications and search residences). The organization has been criticised for its role in numerous high-profile incidents such as the 1974 arrest of Bill Sutch on charges of spying for the Soviet Union,[5] the 1981 assassination attempt by Christopher Lewis on Queen Elizabeth II,[6] and the 1996 invasion of GATT Watchdog organizer Aziz Choudry's home. [4][13], The NZ Intelligence Community (NZIC) developed further in the late 1950s due to growing concerns about political terrorism, improvements in weaponry, news media coverage, and frequent air travel. With a Budget boost, the GCSB was continuing to grow its staff, with a focus this year on more women with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds. In 2007, it was reported that the SIS wished to expand its role into fighting organized crime. Spies also need to be able to get top secret special security clearance. [7] It has also been criticised for its failures to anticipate or prevent incidents such as the 1985 bombing of the Rainbow Warrior,[8] the 2004 purchasing of New Zealand passports by Israeli "intelligence contract assets",[9] and the 2019 Christchurch Mosque Shootings by an Australian alt-right white supremacist terrorist. The NZ intelligence community's Beyond Ordinary campaign spells out what's expected of hopeful spies. [16], Various amendments were later made to the Security Intelligence Act, including the controversial 1977 amendment under Prime Minister Robert Muldoon, which expanded the SIS's powers of monitoring considerably. The service is also required to release other information such as files on organizations but it is reluctant to do so, claiming that it has to perform extensive research in order to provide such information. NZSIS is a public service agency that contributes to New Zealand's safety and security. The agency was again offering four $10,000 tertiary scholarships to women studying STEM subjects at New Zealand universities, in a push to attract them to cyber-security. However it has now[update] adopted a much more open policy: individuals who apply for their files will be given extensive information, with only sensitive details (such as details of sources or information provided by overseas agencies) removed. Lastly, you need to be able to keep your job application a secret. These three areas became a key point of integration between the intelligence community agencies. ", • "A supportive and flexible environment that encourages personal growth"• "Career development opportunities and a commitment to learning and development"• "A family friendly approach to employment, including a childcare subsidy depending on your situation"• "An active and energetic social club" and "an in-house gym and showers"• "Health insurance and generous vision care benefits", Source: Government Communications Security Bureau, Fraud accused living in $2m home and driving a Porsche, SIS had 75 warrants for surveillance in 2016-17, Exclusive: The spies who went into the cold: Agents lose powers after legal bungle. In certain respects,[further explanation needed] the SIS still fails to meet its obligations under the Privacy Act but in these cases there is a right of appeal to the Privacy Commissioner. As terrorist threats grew, along with potential connections to wider groups, the adoption of counter-insurgency techniques increased in New Zealand. [25], The Director-General of the SIS reports to the Minister of New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, who is as of 2018[update] is Hon Andrew Little, and the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. "The GCSB is also working to reduce its gender pay gap by half; we've set a target of five per cent by 2021.". And then there was being able to get "Top Secret Special" security clearance. Director-General of Security Rebecca Kitteridge hopes people from all walks of life will consider working for NZSIS. [26] Independent oversight of its activities is provided by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security.[27]. The SIS is based in Wellington, with branches in Auckland and Christchurch. Now New Zealanders with dreams of being the next Bond have a chance to prove their spy prowess, with the NZ SIS opening its doors at the launch of a recruitment drive on Friday. NZSIS headquarters is in Wellington with regional offices in Auckland and Christchurch, and some staff based overseas. You won't have a licence to kill, but as a surveillance officer you will be given the go-ahead to keep an eye on people who pose a threat to the country's security.

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