o positive mother and o negative father pregnancy

Posted at November 7, 2020

If the father's genes are + - Rh-positive, and the mother's are + - Rh-positive, the baby can be: If the father's genes are - -, and the mother's are + -, the baby can be. My son suffered from hyperbillirubinemia until he was 14* and had to undergo light therapy for a few days,” Dori told theAsianparent Indonesia. A child can have O blood group only when two recessive O genes from both parents are inherited. It is fairly common, and your doctor will know when you need the Rhogam (sp) shot, so don't worry about your body rejecting the baby. The shots are not too bad, only the location of the injection is not fun - in the rear end (however after giving birth twice getting a shot in the bum is not big deal). The following are the possible combinations of blood types with the Rh factors: Rh factors are genetically determined. at 28 weeks, then another one right after the birth of the baby (within the first day or so), and then forget about it until you get pregnant again. 2. We have a healthy baby that was born 18 months ago. Therefore, you and your husband, and every person out there, either has a positive/positive combination, a positive/negative, a negative/positive, or a negative/negative. In the case of my sister, she left the hospital early (before 24 hours after the birth) and nobody caught the jaundice (because it often doesn't kick in for 24-48 hours). If it is, then all you need is a shot of Rho-gam at a mid-point in the pregnancy and then again after the baby is born. In fact, knowing the blood type is a critical step to prevent potential risks. In our modern world, there is a great invention that is called ''Anti D''. ), Anyway, I'm not a doctor so my medical understanding of this is sketchy at best, but I did read somewhere that babies born with incompatible blood types as their moms are more susceptible to newborn jaundice. So, I don't know if you have to have a shot of any kind the first time -- it was fine for my mom - it might be fine for you! I am also her only child. Being a O negative, as you know, you can give blood to anyone, but can receive only from O negative (even more specific than O positive that can give blood to all but O negative). I did not hear any negatives about it when I was pregnant last year nor did I read any. Heather, Don't worry. If there is no Rh factor protein, the person is Rh- negative. http://health.discovery.com/diseasesandcond/encyclopedia/2093.html, I am o-negative too, and pregnant with my second. some shot is supposed to take care of it. We are pretty sure this happened to our son, who has a mild neurological problem that has nonetheless had a significant impact on our lives. I wouldn't want him to be any different from what he is, but still, to make life a bit easier for him, I wish I knew then what I know now. Just be sure you talk to your Dr. about it, too. © Copyright theAsianparent 2020. An Rh negative mom (not her baby) will receive RhoGAM at several points throughout pregnancy when the Rh factor of the dad is positive or unknown. Normally infants with an initial onset of Jaundice have 5mg/dL of bilirubin, so 14 is severe enough to warrant phototherapy. How Your Rh Factor Blood Type Affects Your Pregnancy. Source: File Photos. Good Luck with the new baby! “Initially, I thought that increased billirubin levels in babies was a normal occurrence. Evidently, there is some risk that the baby will have the positive blood type and my body will see it as a foreign invader and attack it somehow. If the father's genes are - -, and the mother's are - -, the baby will be: Problems with the Rh factor happen when the mother's Rh factor is negative and the baby's is positive. This can affect the newborn baby, who may need treatment after birth. Now, I am pregnant with number 2, and I received a shot after my amniocentesis. If the mother has not already been sensitized to Rh positive blood, she may be given Rh immunoglobulin (RhIg). Share your experience with us in the comments below! anon, Check out this article, it should tell you all you need to know and if you have further quesitons you should ask your OB about it. O positive blood type and pregnancy problems: Babies who have a different blood type to the pregnant mum’s O-blood type can lead to problems such as jaundice. I was so out of it during the birth that I'm not really sure what they did about it. How might your baby be negative? Without the right treatment,  jaundice in newborns can cause severe complications, the worst being disrupting the brain’s nervous system permanently. As a case in point, my first baby was negative, but my second baby is positive. If a father's Rh factor genes are + +, and the mother's are - -, the baby will have one + from the father and one - gene from the mother. For your next pregnancies, you should just make sure you get the shot on time and all will be fine. But it's not that big a problem now. If there is a difference in the blood types between the mother and the fetus, the mother’s blood will form antibodies to neutralise the baby’s blood type, resulting in an antigenic reaction. During my first pregnancy, I believe I was given a shot at some time during the pregnancy and again after birth- basically anytime your blood might mix with the baby's. Likewise, a father with O blood type can only pass O allele to the baby. Rh Positive (Rh+) and Negative (Rh-) Blood Types. It is NOT an issue in 1st pregnancies (miscarriages & abortions do count as pregnancies). I now have two healthy children, one AB+ and one B-, and because the second one was Rh-, I did not have to get the shot in the hospital. The baby's blood will be typed at birth. Information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Being o-negative and pregnant used to be an issue, but with the shot, it's not anymore. It is extremely important you get these shots -- they are one of the wonders of modern medicine. According to my OB, they think that Rhogam is effective for at least 12 weeks in preventing your body from becoming sensitive to Rh-positive blood, which would only happen if the baby is Rh-positive and your blood mixes. He himself has a positive blood type too. According to Dr Toto, during pregnancy, the maternal blood transfers nutrients and oxygen to the baby via the umbilical cord. Rho-Gam puts TEMPORARY RH-factor anti- bodies in the mother's blood so her body doesn't product its own, and the next baby gets a clean slate and you start the Rho- GAM shots over. Fortunately, after several days of light therapy sessions at the hospital, Lantang’s condition began to improve.

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