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Posted at November 7, 2020

I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT ALL YOU STUPID IDIOTS." How did they…" Vriska was standing by and she stopped Aradia. She's all for confrontations, being the best, residing high above the lower trolls, as few as there are to her, but when Sollux Captor decided he's had too much, it's not something to scoff at. They were given a brief glimpse of Sollux walking calmly down the hallway, psionics filling the passage. YOU. Tavros was obviously unsettled by this statement and said "eXCUSE YOU?" Her kind and caring attitude made her a role model, and with her fascinating powers she was a force to be reckoned with in combat. "Did… Did I do this-…?" She turned a corner and saw him come down the stairs to the roof. Follow/Fav Psionic Memories. Sollux lifted his arms, red and blue to the respective limb, and as Gamzee and Equius went to either side of Karkat to console him, he blasted a beam of energy to both of them. Back when she would build end-of-the-world devices for him, he would ramble on while she worked about how much he hated land dwellers. *", Terezi nodded silently, and all three of the girls started for the ventilation shaft. The last thought that you allowed yourself to have is 'I never wanted to do this' as you slid the sickle across your own throat. Brown liquid dripped onto the dummy underneath Tavros. HE LEFT. He walked past her and headed for the pool room. She looked up from the broken white shards to see something snapped in Sollux. AND THEY'RE NOT COMING BACK.". Lennon [A/N: Here is the request for Jessica B Kitty 3. Sollux paused to turn around, and he saw Aradia sitting on the floor. The only remnants of his hated team mate and a good friend was their blood. Sollux never thought that he would feel this horrible. The horn was still in midair, and Tavros was flying at it with increasing velocity. There had been no mortal being that could stand up to it, they were immediately swallowed up. The trolls swore they heard Erebus laugh at her attempts, and remark at how weak she was, a useless slave for his power before tossing her body out into space in disgust. Tavros said. Sollux yelled. "Sollux. "WHERE ITH THE?" What is he doing here? What else is there to do when you're all alone in a situation like this? "WHERE IS HE? He ran to her, ran into the room and threw himself to the floor. She didn't have time to scream as Sollux reached around and grabbed her throat. Sollux flinched, and Vriska saw Sollux come back briefly. "To die." Vriska had never heard him not talk for this long. Filed under Class Aspect Witch Heart Fanon HSE, Well you could say that saying 0u0 is a waste of, As an indigo that's afread of horse, how dare. Everyone's dream selves were dead, and only a few have gotten god tier. "Shut up, I just need somethin-" The psionics took charge once more. OF COURSE I'M THE ONE, WHO HAD TO… TO KILL… THIS DOUCHE… I…"Sollux's voice trailed. " Karkat said, tears still running freely. She never thought she would see him ever again. I killed them. It was the quickest way to Nepeta's room and Karkat. This troll's name is Vriska Sekret, and in this timeline… Nothing is right. Karkat's eyes widened and Vriska watched in the shadows nearby as Karkat lifted the sickle to strike Sollux. She still wanted to follow Sollux, but she knew that she would die if she tried to confront him. Plus have that probably totally long messed up title thing cause why not] Gamzee and Sollux were out cold for a few seconds. It was disturbing. She walked up to Karkat, of all people, to sate her curiosity. "Hurry!" Vriska tried to tell everyone that Sollux was on his way, but nobody listened to her. You've known that his powers had the ability to control him, and it seemed that it blocked his memory of this accident. Gamzee was holding his head and on the ground. The psionics covered her mouth and froze her in place. "Vriska stopped talking because Karkat covered her mouth. Patron-only channels and benefits you can check here. Guess who is starting pesterquest right now ? Anyone who passed by her ignored you or used excuses to sell her short of a conversation, until Eridan Ampora strides in wake of Sollux. Red and blue energy painted jade green and violet on the walls. Vriska was sitting in the commons area of the meteor, trying to keep herself from dying of boredom. Sollux had Karkat on the ground, sickle protruding from his best friend's neck. Now gueth what? "AA… I didn't want to be the one to do this. GO AWAY. Vriska, not wanting any part of this, decide to go into hiding. She allowed him to run his course through the meteor. He's using his psionics and he's killed Feferi, Tavros, Nepeta and Terezi today!" "FUCK YOU." Any possible survivors were the few that escaped the darkness and warned other planets of this imminent being. Once she got to the top of the staircase, her suspicions were confirmed. Aradia closed her eyes, and allowed the blue and red energy engulf her, the same way she did before the game was even created. Vriska heard the heavy footfall while roaming, and decided to check it out. It isn't going to stop us from winning this game." Roxy deserves all the Gender Exploration. ", Terezi's and Nepeta's eyes were directed to the doorway. Your review has been posted. Killed. New Month, New Me I guess! Everyone went back to their assigned stations. they are less powerful than goldbloods, but more powerful than bronzebloods. When Sollux Captor was one of the few trolls to survive the game, he had hoped nothing more would have to happen. Sollux crouched down in front of his best pale friend. Turns out, she did. He's always imagined killing Eridan but Kanaya too? They were getting fairly angry. As predicted, Sollux snuck into the room. Vriska found the opening which led her to Nepeta's room. I just saw a fanfic called Untitled Roxy Gender Ramblings and if that isn’t a damn good title for a fic, then I don’t know what is. Sollux said. Sollux yelled, coming back to himself. Vriska didn't stay to watch Sollux slam Nepeta upon the wall multiple times. He asked. It's okay though. Sollux looked at his handiwork. Vriska couldn't handle this for much longer. There was yellow thick liquid trailing down his chin and filled his mouth with a bitter taste. The trio had only just gotten into the passage when Sollux busted through the door. An Indigo afraid of Horses is like a Coulrophobic Purple… Poor thing. He spat the remains of his teeth out and faced the one who played as a cushion. Sollux grabbed Terezi by her foot using the psionics. "Karkat, what's going on? ", Karkat still held his silence. Aradia was in her god tier outfit when she flew in. Back in the commons room, Equius and Gamzee surveyed the heart wrenching site. A few large steps made by lean legs set Sollux right in front of Karkat. It had seemed that Erebus would devour the entire galaxy, until the day it came up the planet Verdena. Area Dispel: When using Dispel Psionics in this way, the power affects everything within a 30' radius. Sollux's chest heaved with anger. Sollux went nowhere near the hiding place she was in. "WAIT WHAT" "Look what a job you're doing! Did he really do that? There was a story passed on among survivors…. Eridan asked. UP. He glanced up and saw the scene. Will there be another side? Yeah 1/2 of my last one shots. Nepeta and Terezi looked up at Vriska with puzzled faces. Can't handle a bit of color on you? "PSIONICS, YOU BLOWN UP BAFOON. Further back into the meteor, Sollux had sought out Aradia. Filed under Hemospectrum Trolls Fanon HSE, A blog all about clearing up misconceptions about the Webcomic, Ok, me trying to guess John’s name even tho I JUST FUCKING FINISHED HOMESTUCK TWO MINUTES AGO is the funniest thing I have seen all week, Wait. He's gotten her killed more times than not. But she was gone, left to float through space forever. STOP TALKING. After you knew he would be a good distance, you got up, and not looking at the disaster which was the commons room, you left to find Karkat and the others. FUCK. He walked on towards the combat room. Sollux nodded, the red and blue psionics coming back to life. His red and blue eyes began to leak electricity. A blood curdling howl broke Vriska from her memories. Yup, particularly seen it with Witches of Heart. He wasn't there at the moment, thank goodness, but Karkat was. Her psionics went wild from her eyes, firing an optic blast that Erebus had to admit fazed him slightly. "SHUT. "WHY" Terezi asked. -FG Anon. Also I do not own Homestuck! I’ve had my dose of mysterious shenanigans for today. Nobody knew that she already was fully aware. "Nepeta, what are you-" She punched him in the gut with the ungloved hand, the glove had been thrown off during the fight. Vriska had to suppress the urge to vomit. "SHOCKED, to see me?!" ", Nepeta began to look highly worried. The SGRUB game hadn't gotten any easier with their lack of people. Two sweeps later, Aradia came back. I'm sorry KK." Different as she was, the trolls of Verdena loved her. "Oh my gog… AA, I'm so confused! She hated him just the same. About 8,000 pages. WHAT DID SOLLUX DO?". Vriska was surprised at how scared she was. Aradia asked. "Because Sollux is going on a rampage, he's already killed Tavros and Feferi and this place is next! Karkat gripped his sickle tightly. She opened the door from afar, using her telekinesis. "We're doomed, Sollux. Vriska didn't know what to do. Karkat's mouth opened in shock, and then they curled into his signature scowl. It was a close call, but Sollux didn't hear her thankfully. Sollux felt odd. yOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE IN HERE, mURDERER." She left, seeking out the meteor in the vast expansion. He's still a stickler for cleanliness even though he's covered in blood by now. Red and blue surrounded Nepeta, and lifted her off of Sollux. For now, she kept up the trail. "33:*AC really thinks that Purrezi and her should leave! I hope you like it. Vriska hoped that his hearing didn't go any further to hear her. "Guys! Filed under Psionics HS^2 Homestuck^2 Sollux Theories. "Yo, what happened?" She saw the trail of yellow liquid, and then it dropped off. Karkat twitched, and turned to Aradia. With Tavros's new quadriplegic legs, he could do some serious damage. Nepeta looked at her moirail. ", Vriska heard the footfall behind her. Filled with peaceful trolls, it appeared weak and infantile, but upon this planet there was a troll of mature age with fascinating psionic powers. Along with any hope of surviving the awaiting hell. Lol. Sollux turned to see what Gamzee was staring at, and the sight blew holes in his blood pumper. Only four trolls left. It was Sollux. Realization went through Eridan's face, and Vriska knew they were screwed. "Fine, don't tell me. Sometimes their bodies were infected by the dark matter if they had commendable ability to dispose distant planets' life forms for an easier, quicker feast.

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