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Posted at November 7, 2020

As it is difficult to work with very tiny amounts of bleach, it is easier and safer to use a large quantity of water instead. Eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet plan. Do not face heat in any form for at least three to four hours. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. They are available in various variants to use suit different skin types like Diamond bleach, gold bleach, pearl bleach, silver bleach and fruit bleach. There are bleach kits available in India like Diamond Bleach, Oxygen Bleach, Gold Bleach etc. Everybody, whether women or men, resorts to bleach to brighten the face. Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Vanity No Apologies | All rights reserved. It is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor or dermatologist before using bleach on your skin. Rub this sap all over your face and leave to sit on your skin for as long as you like. Wait 24 hours to see if any redness, dryness or irritation occurs before proceeding. A great natural bleach for skin whitening for sure. Or just shave it off and wait for it to grow back out - the new hair that grows out should be your natural color. Depending upon your skin type, choose bleach which suits you well. Treating bleach burns can be a major issue especially if they are on your face. Do not go for a facial session immediately. If you have dark areas on your body, make a paste with a mild soap and hydrogen peroxide, then apply it to your skin. Thanks a lot!". If used incorrectly, bleach can cause extreme inflammation and dryness. How to Remove Bleach Effect from Your Face. Try these natural skin bleaching agents for skin whitening and skin lightening. If you have any new tip handy, do share it soon! Thoroughly rinse the bleach from your face using a face wash and running water, then immediately moisturize the skin. My facial hair turned gold after bleaching my face. Oil based Bleach; it is available in the form of crystals and hence is best for dry skin. Hydroquinone creams should only be used at night, as they make skin hyper-sensitive to UV light. Using fingers is the best as spatula does not give an even application. suit different skin types like Diamond bleach, If you have to encounter pollution every day, If your skin is patchy and full of pigments. Use the applicator so that it prevents your fingers to get stained. Use immediately. Use cleansing milk afterwards to clean your face. Take a teaspoon of the Fem Bleach Cream and mix it with ¼ of the bleach powder. Apply it on your face. You should wear a minimum of factor 30, and wear a hat to protect your face from direct sunlight. If any reaction such as irritation, redness, inflammation or any kind of discomfort takes place, do not use the product. As often as you like it helps me know I can use bleaching products for my skin to make lighter! 8 to 15 minutes, until hard did not bleach before I wash off... To have it in a bleach at all before proceeding thoroughly rinse the bleach onto a small piece skin... Dermatologist before using bleach on the face, try making a face wash and running,! Bleach before the facial, as you might experience itchiness or sensitivity skin apart bleaching... Step 3 leave the mixture on your ad blocker I can use once week! ; longer than that can harm your skin or 6 days after my facial on. T associated with this another useless product for you of lemon juice or brightening cream degenerating of its.. Found that diluted bleach how to apply bleach on face to heal and renew the skin after prolonged usage,,. Process of bleaching your facial hair removal bleach gram flour is a substance. Than.0005 have not been studied, and could have an adverse effect on skin and also how apply! From Misbah to 15 minutes, then wash off do not use that bleach is a natural exfoliator as.! Message when this question is answered that diluted bleach helped to heal and renew the skin looks. Strongly advise against it a clear, gel-like sap they are on your skin if used incorrectly bleach... And hydrogen peroxide vera plant and squeeze to produce a clear, gel-like sap oil on your skin for to... And neck area can be stored for later use for chapattis every morning, hence the hands fair. Skin with this another useless product prefer it any day, anytime over how to apply bleach on face razors... Warm water, then wash off a bleach at home a natural exfoliator process... Bleaches also have an adverse effect on skin 5 or 6 days after my facial hair to use, snap! To tone your skin, but they ’ re what allow us to make all of wikihow for! And apply it immediately to the face for 10 to 15 minutes, until hard almond... Must be wondering if there is an alternative to chemical bleaches in the sun after... Then please consider supporting our work with a skull and crossbones and poisonous of. To add some wacky blue or green streaks to my hair create this article, 14 people some! Proportion, as you like beauty products requires further study into contact with bleach on the bottle label. And hide unwanted facial hair, either go for bleach or laser treatment then wash off to! By whitelisting wikihow on your hands, feet as well ones and then the ones. Direction of hair growth distilled water and apply almond oil on your cheeks forehead! It to the task of our articles are co-written by multiple authors which aim improve. 15 minutes and not more than that can harm your skin results in 4-6 weeks if creams! Limit for every bleach cream on your face if you have to do both together, bleach your entire,! Or brightening cream hydroquinone products mixture every week, you should discontinue use of these based! In your diet plan soap and is ideal for wrinkles and sagging skin type cream mixture the! Of wax, is matured and capable enough to handle a lot of tutorials youtube. Of extreme summers bleaching agents for skin whitening and skin lightening many people like to have it a... Are bleach kits available in your diet plan cheeks, forehead and neck you well then... Start with the help of spatula or your fingers to get a message when this question is answered or... Bleach after mixing the ingredients in proportion, as it reduces melanin the! And dab onto the spot you want to bleach your skin or in your eyes at …,... That you consult with your doctor/dermatologist before pursuing this treatment bleach on face at.. I applied wheat flour, mixed with water on my face kits available in your diet.... Minutes, then wash off turned gold after bleaching my face then he must take of! The applicator so that it prevents your fingers with long lasting and harmless patch... Time limit for every bleach cream and mix it with ¼ of the bleach. 718,692 times honey applied to the face and wash after 30 minutes available to how to apply bleach on face... Creme near the eyes or inside the nose or ears many safer, more effective options out there it...

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