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Posted at November 7, 2020

You have selected the easiest and most convenient way for Dekalb County residents to renew their Alabama motor vehicle registrations. Renew Your Tag. Follow the sections below. DMVConnect.com is a privately owned website and not a government agency, DMVConnect.com is a privately owned website. This Website was created as a service to you, our fellow citizens, for the request of an online resource to answer the questions and concerns you may have throughout the year. 1209 Forest Avenue North, Fort Payne, AL 35967 The tag renewal kiosks allow you the flexibility to renew after hours, nights, and on weekends, where available. If the land and home names are exact and the person lives in it, you assess on the property (homestead can be claimed). To Renew a Tag, click HERE. Although these notices are mailed, it is still the responsibility of the manufactured home owner to make sure the home is registered and fees are paid on time. NOTE: Exemption from payment of registration fees does not necessarily exempt registrant from payment of any delinquent fees, citation fees or penalties. For renewals, a $10.00 penalty will be added if the registration is not renewed by the end of November. A renewal notice is mailed for each manufactured home that is currently registered in DeKalb County. You can be cited if the manufactured home decal is not displayed properly. Manufactured homes are governed according to the Code of Alabama 1975, Title 40 Chapter 12, Section 255. Renewing your registration is a requirement to drive in Alabama legally. Click Here to Renew Your Tag Online. If not, a citation is issued and mailed to each homeowner. Check with your county tag & title office, verifying if online renewal is available. Please provide the following contact information in the event that we need to contact you. Privacy. If it is October/November, please bring your most recent manufactured home registration receipt or renewal notice to one of our offices. Can’t renew online because you don’t meet requirements? The convenience fee is not paid to Marshall County but to IMS Enterprises, Inc. an Alabama company. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards, or an electronic check from your checking account. To qualify for an exemption on your manufactured home, you must be the owner and reside in the manufactured home to be exempt. After these times, the customer must pay the regular fees until next the following renewal months. Proof that business is located in DeKalb County; Representative must show proof that he/she is a member/employee of the business; Any paperwork and license plates processed by the DeKalb County Tax Commissioner’s Office can only be returned to the registered owner of the vehicle or their appointed Power-of-Attorney Duplicate Registration: 1.1 miles Fort Payne Driver's License Office; 18.2 miles Colbert County Tag & Title; 20.0 miles Cherokee County Tag & Title; 20.0 miles Centre Driver's License Office; 22.8 miles Ashville Driver's License Office If not paid within 15 days, an additional $24 penalty will be charged. Manufactured homes must be registered within 30 days of purchase. Your fee per tag for an electronic check is $3.50 for the first tag and $2.50 for each additional tag. Check with your county tag & title office, verifying if online renewal is available. Failing to renew on-time may result in a $15 late charge and other potential consequences if you let it go on too long. This process is handled through the Department of Revenue (DOR) and depends on the monthly registration cycle. 206 Grand Ave. SW Fort Payne, AL 35967 Phone: (256) 845-8515 Fax: (256) 845-8517 You will need to visit one of our offices to receive a replacement. It's a convenient way to keep from standing in line at the courthouse and renew your tag at your home or business. Note the expiration date on your forms and plan to redo this process annually or bi-annually. There is a convenience fee of $3.95 to use the machine in addition to the other fees and taxes due at the time of renewal. You should receive your records in a few days. In order to avoid a $15 late registration fee, newly acquired vehicles must be registered within 20 calendar days of purchase. Owner-occupied (or joint owner) 65 years of age or older-you must provide one of the following: Owner-occupied Totally Disabled (100%)-you must provide one of the following: Letter from the Veterans Administration OR, Letter from the Social Security Administration. The registration cycle depends on the first letter of your last name: Those in the national guard will renew in October while any commercial vehicle registration holders will complete their renewal by November 30th. You must also pay the appropriate sales tax as well as a title fee if purchased from an individual or an out-of-state dealer and home is a 1990 or newer. Homeowners who fail to obtain and/or correctly display a manufactured home decal, if found guilty in court, can be fined up to $500.00, and/or sentenced up to six (6) months in the county jail under Section 40-12-255. The Alabama DOR will send you a renewal notice detailing information about your vehicle, renewal fee, personal information, and a PIN used with online renewal if applicable in your county. Sales/Use tax for Manufactured homes is 2%. The tax on this property is paid in advance from time of registration until your renewal month. If this is the first time you are filing for exemption from the Registration Fee on your manufactured home, you must provide the following based on the classification of your exemption: The sales tax rate on a manufactured home purchase is 2.0%. Rather handle business face-to-face? Online – NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. If the home and land were purchased as a package, there will be no sales tax collected; however, if a title fee is due, this must be collected. Late renewals cannot be handled by mail. Please Enter Your Contact Information. Mondays and Fridays are high activity days in the office, along with the first working day following holidays. The replacement cost is $5.00. Computer, tablet, or iPhone; Just print and go to the DPS; Driver's license, motorcycle, and CDL; 100% money back guarantee; Get My Cheatsheet Now. The best time to renew your tag in person is between the 11 th and 25 th of the month. You can complete your renewal in a few simple steps. Manufactured Homes must be registered or assessed in the Revenue Commissioner’s office. If purchased from an Alabama dealer, we must see the, If purchased from an out of state dealer, a copy of the. You will need the PIN found on your renewal notice. Before mailing, the owner of the record will need to sign the notice and fill in their driver’s license number and expiration date. DMVCONNECT.COM IS NOT OPERATED, MAINTAINED BY, OR AFFILIATED WITH ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES OR DMV OFFICES. What do I do if I lost my registration receipt? If your registration has not expired, you must wait until October/November to transfer your manufactured home registration to DeKalb County. (See Register If). In order to process your vehicle registration renewal, please fill out the following form. 206 Grand Ave., SW Fort Payne, AL 35967 (256) 845-8515. Copyright ©2016 DeKalb County Commission Revenue Department Alabama. Documentation needed for the purchase of a new/used vehicle depends on who the vehicle was purchased from. If the land and home are exact and a family person lives in the home, you will register it at a higher tax rate. Online: You can renew online using Georgia DRIVES e-Services. Manufactured homes that are registered must be renewed October 1 – November 30. License Plate Number. State Forms . Select Your County If the person living in the manufactured home does not own the land, the registration fees will be calculated as follows: Manufactured homes must be renewed in October or November each year. A 2.5% convenience fee +$0.30 processing fee applies when paying with a debit or credit card in the office. The notices are mailed the first few days of each renewal month. All other requirements will show on the renewal notice else contact your local DOR office for details. Welcome to Dekalb County Online Tag Renewals. Citation fees are $15.00. You will renew your registration by the end of the month of your registration cycle. For initial registration, a $10.00 penalty will be added if the manufactured home is not registered within 30 days of purchase. The Madison County License Department operates from the Madison County Courthouse with several satellite offices to better serve the public. 1.1 miles Fort Payne Driver's License Office; 18.2 miles Colbert County Tag & Title; 20.0 miles Cherokee County Tag & Title; 20.0 miles Centre Driver's License Office; 22.8 miles Ashville Driver's License Office DPS & MVD Locations near Dekalb County Tag & Title. To expedite tag renewal, Monroe County Residents must provide one of the following items: renewal notice, previous year’s tag registration or tag number. Marshall County is one of only several counties in the State of Alabama that offers this service. Please bring your courtesy reminder or a copy of the last registration, Alabama driver’s license, and insurance card(s) with you. The online convenience fee is 2.5% + $0.30 processing fee + $2.00 mail fee. Alabama Tag Renewal. What do I do if I lost my decal? You will need the PIN found on your renewal notice. Also, if the home is rented, it must be registered. Your renewal notice acts as the registration renewal. DPS & MVD Locations near Dekalb County Tag & Title. View larger map.

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