short tamil boy names

Posted at November 7, 2020

It means ‘non-jealous’. If you want your son to be worldly wise, choose Ulagan. Some names have the good old charm, and Anasuya is one of them. How much you know about your newborn? Name her Rithya, which means ‘lucky’.

If you are looking for an energetic name, then choose Vayun, it means ‘lively’. It means ‘literature’. Having a daughter has been your desire for long? Mac – Another surname element, today Mac and Mack feel like cousins to Jack. So, give her a name that will do justice to her uniqueness. If you don’t mind a complicated name, consider Ezhilarasan. Giri means ‘mountain’. If you interested in literature and looking to give your daughter a literature-inspired name, then try Elakya. This vast database of Tamil names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. Are you a devotee of Lord Shiva? [ Read: Baby Boy Names That Start With V ]. Harsh can be its stylish nickname. This unique and wonderful name means ‘divine’. So, if your son was born in this month, you can name him Falgun.
It is a beautiful and powerful name for your little girl. Some names are lighthearted. Consider this name if you want something that is inspired by nature. Charvik. Kayal can be used as its nickname.

We have 135 best Tamil baby names and meanings. It is a great name for religious and spiritual families. If you are artistically inclined, you should choose Oviya. Yaazhini is a name based on Yaazh, the ancient Tamil music instrument. Mithra means ‘friend’. Janhavi means ‘Ganga the river’. Beginning; First Born; Superior; …. A naming ceremony among Tamilians is called the ‘Thottil’ ceremony.

We have a list of Tamil names for your new born baby boy. Here’s a classic name that still holds weight! It is but normal to treat your little one like a princess.

Baby Names. The name refers to a king from Mahabharata. Most Tamil names are named after deities and Gods. Please use this up to date list of Tamil name as a reference to name your kid/child. Connect your son with this amazing piece of literature with the name Nirush.

This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. It is an exotic name but not too complicated. Name your little princess Dhanvi, which is another name of ‘Goddess Lakshmi’. This versatile name means ‘drawing or picture, a star – nakshatra, or name of a river’. Saswin means ‘creative thinker’. As it is a short name, Jaya is often combined with another middle names. Gitanjali means ‘an offering of songs’.

Ned – Short for Edward, vintage Ned feels fresher than Eddie. The Tamil culture too worships fire.

In Tamil customs, the baby naming ceremony is all about whispering the name of the baby three times in baby's ear by each and every relative and friend present at the ceremony. Aamani is a traditional name with a beautiful meaning. That is why the name Dwani is an homage to Tamil music.

Tamil names of baby boys are often associated with the name of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna. This lovely name means ‘song or sky’ in Tamil.

Aadhya: 3. A huge collection of Modern Tamil Baby boy names with meanings and numerology. Eyalisai means ‘music’. So name your son ‘Aadavan’, which stands for sun. It means ‘wisdom’. Some names break free of regional boundaries and find takers all over India. Kayalvizhi means, ‘one who has eyes like a Kayal fish’. Karun means ‘compassionate’. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our, This website follows the DNPA’s code of conduct, intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja.

Ilaiyaraja means ‘prince’. Who wouldn’t want to be named after the musical maestro of the music industry? But it remains a great option for parents looking for a pretty name for their little girls.

That is why this name holds relevance in the region. If you belong to a family of poets, this name will surely appeal to you as Venba is a form of classical Tamil poetry. CHEZHIYAN - FLOURISH. Here’s a feminine name for a pretty little girl – Sayuri, which means ‘flower’ in Tamil. Looking for a modern Tamil baby name that is unique yet meaningful? There’s a good old charm associated with this name.
Eegan means ‘benevolent, charitable, endowed’. Daiwik. Dhir means ‘wise’. This heart-touching name means ‘spiritual teacher’. [ Read: Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boy ]. It means ‘deity’ in Tamil. Little ones bring a lot of joy in life, don’t they? They may say that the world is too cruel to be idealistic these days, but life is all about looking at the positives! Namya as a name is not overtly religious but does hold a touch of spirituality. Vasu is the name of an ancient king. List of Tamil baby names, Tamil babies names, Tamil baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources.

Maniyan means ‘gem’.

If you find that the child is behaving wrong, try to find the reason behind it, instead of focusing on his attitude. Order; Command; Old Name; The ….

Akil (also written as Akhil) means ‘fire’. Rithul means ‘truth seeking’. The name means ‘prettiest king’ and is fit for the prince of your home and soul! Tamil culture is one of the oldest existing cultures of the world. Thaman is one of the popular Tamil names.

Then name your son ‘Hanish’, which is another name for Lord Shiva. Iniya means ‘sweet’. Endless | Infinite | Lord Shiva | Who Has No En. The sun rises and chases away all the darkness from the world. Here’s another interesting name for your daughter. Haniya means ‘pleased’.

Your little boy’s birth has brought with it a myriad of new adventures.

A very common name in Tamil Nadu and neighboring Andhra Pradesh, Jagan still holds forte! VETRI - VICTORIOUS VICTORY. They bring brightness into our lives like never before. It means ‘one who increases joy’. Nicknames for boys and girls Indian baby height and weight chart Indian Baby Boy Names Indian Baby Girl Names Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids Immunization Schedule in India 2020 Baby Names Numerology Calculator. [ Read: Baby Girl Names That Start With T ]. But it has a strong meaning – ‘first or unparalleled’. So, go for this beautiful name if you too are an optimist.

Not just Hindus, but Christians can use this name as well. It is therefore a wise idea to use this time proactively and research the baby name you will eventually choose. You can begin that by naming your child Uthaman, which means ‘truthful’. Hima is a beautiful and trendy name. The world, according to Hindu mythology, was created by the union of the masculine and the feminine powers. Aamani:

It is a name of a God. If you are one of them, you should consider Guhan, another name for Lord Murugan, as a name for your son.

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