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Posted at November 7, 2020

Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) of the World Economy Forum, Korea ranked 122nd out of 146 nations, and this clearly shows the imbalance between economic growth and environmental sustainability, as well as Korea’s poor environmental performance. Introduce students to the field research practices, including the composition of field notes, photo and video documentation, and. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Jason Perks and Samantha Parsons for the Guardian Professional Network. Hair nets to keep the organic tofu production line uncontaminated at Hansalim. Engage students with local-level environmental and developmental capacity-building projects in South Korea. When it comes to sustainability, industrial firms are perhaps not the first that spring to mind. Heavy development has enabled South Korea to catch up just in time with the global demands of the 21st century, at the cost of environmental health. GE's strategy to help its customers improve their environmental performance through their products helped them earn more than $18bn in revenue last year. The conceptual design of the tour program and associated assessment activities was influenced by academic literature on transformative learning, including “Transformative Learning and Sustainability: Sketching the Conceptual Ground” by British academic Stephen Sterling. Articulate an understanding of the diversity of interests, values and perspectives that feed into environmental and sustainability-related in issues in South Korea, and their interaction with global environmental governance. High consumerism, lack of available land, and rapid urbanization, among others, are contributors to environmental problems in urban areas. It is not only managing sustainability issues, but building a brand name and business model fit for the future, around innovation, sustainability, and its customers. Finally, thank you to our host organisations in Korea for sharing your work with us and informing, stimulating and challenging our group…, “Key Drivers of Korean Climate Policy” seminar with Kim Joojin from Environmental Defense Fund @Yonsei University Institute for Legal Studies. Prior to departure, students were asked to complete a research essay on an environment and sustainability-related issue in South Korea. South Korea study tour group at Yonsei University, Seoul. Upon their return home, students were asked to compile a reflective video presentation as an assessment task, documenting their South Korea experience. The companies rated with investment grades are restricted to those that are already recognised as strong performers in sustainability. Thank you to Jess Love for being our official tour videographer. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This ranks the sustainability performance of 30 leading South Korean companies and shows which of them is likely to deliver long-term investment value thanks to sustainable practices. 1400 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9C805355F74AA44B92BC9C96CBDDBE0B><29B3D47C60CE5C40ABCAD021E7F9AF7E>]/Index[1386 21]/Info 1385 0 R/Length 86/Prev 469048/Root 1387 0 R/Size 1407/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream More than 60 years after the end of Korean War, there is still no peace treaty that would formally end the The students reflected on their observations in regular group debriefing sessions, led by Maxine Catchlove. Tour group at Hansalim distribution warehouse. We believe the South Korean reforestation experience presents a unique reference – of a country where economic development and environmental sustainability became closely intertwined at a relatively early stage offering a win-win story that needs to be retold. In addition to information exchange and friendship-building, through this study tour we would like to establish a network of professional contacts between Australia and South Korea that leads to long-term benefits and collaboration between our student participants and our new friends in South Korea. In South Korea, companies such as GS E&C have focused on mitigating their environmental impacts by developing technologies that are energy efficient and that recycle resources. Within this research, we decided to look carefully at the diversified industrial sector. Observing endangered migratory birds in Incheon. In essence, it's clear that our industrial leaders in South Korea have a good understanding of the key issues that affect them, but the business models they have to address them strategically are inconsistent. To be applauded, yes, but as part of an effective strategy, there is still much more to be done. Products either enable or hinder customers to manage their own sustainability impacts, while the sector's own business model is highly dependent on the ever increasing and fluctuating prices of raw materials and energy. GE has led on game-changing innovation to bring enhanced environmental benefits through the introduction of its ecomagination products. Student participants were selected on a competitive basis to take part in this tour from disciplines across the university, which counted as a credit-bearing elective subject their undergraduate (POL3ESC), Honours (HUM4SIP) or Masters (HUM5SIP) degree programs respectively. endstream endobj startxref As an academic program, the study tour has a number of objectives: The goals for the tour articulated above are based on ideas of reflective practice and immersion within a different ecological, political, economic and cultural reality. As South Korea's economic standing in the world rises, so does its environmental responsibility. {Z�kǦ�jL#d�p�7�5�T�䉊00�% ���^�@" ꠛ/�AZ���d��b>P3*っA��A��*ONNeY|hjb��pT1p�Y R�ō@���cK ��x�52p2F@T1z U�H Our tour engagements focussed on learning more about these innovations from representatives of academia, the NGO sector, business, social enterprise, and activist groups who are working in the environment and sustainability sphere at international, domestic and local levels. So what are the implications and how can they be addressed? %PDF-1.6 %���� 1386 0 obj <> endobj This prior learning proved invaluable on tour, where individual students were able to take the lead in interpreting itinerary engagements that they had researched in their essays. At Two Tomorrows we have just carried out a new piece of research for the Tomorrow's Value Rating in South Korea. It also compares their sustainability performance with that of the 90 companies we rated in the global Tomorrow's Value Rating last year. Jason Perks is group director and Samantha Parsons is consultant at Two Tomorrows, This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. Thank you to Ben Walta from CERES Global and Maxine Catchlove from La Trobe University as my co-conspirators in the leadership team for the tour. At the same time, South Korea has become an incubator for many innovative political, economic and technological strategies to address these problems. Become a GSB member to get more stories like this direct to your inbox, Available for everyone, funded by readers. This is the third iteration of the Environment and Sustainability Study Tour and first trip to South Korea, after two successful tours to China in 2015 and 2016. The study While those industrial companies topping the new table appear to have ticked all the right boxes, could their continued success be at risk? And what best practice is emerging? Provide a basis for comparison with environment and sustainability practice in Australia, encouraging students to reflect on lessons learned in South Korea that could be applied back home in Australia. Thank you to the student participants for your engagement and enthusiasm. North Korea continues to be a major threat to stability on the Korean peninsula and within the East Asian region as a whole. 0 %%EOF In South Korea, companies such as GS E&C have focused on mitigating their environmental impacts by developing technologies that are energy efficient and that recycle resources. Thank you to our friends at La Trobe International and La Trobe Asia for your assistance with the bureaucratic dimensions of the tour, and to CERES Global for their outstanding ongoing collaboration with the LTU Department of Politics and Philosophy on our short travel program subjects. This comparison has helped us to understand whether the South Korean sector, including companies with an engineering and construction focus, are leading the way when it comes to the management and innovation of their sustainability performance, or whether they are being left behind. These videos are the harvest of our students’ reflections on their Korean experience…, I would like to thank everyone who made the Environment and Sustainability in South Korea Study Tour travel program possible. h�b```�~vAd`��0p,`0��0�� /j��2�/�_8c���s��l�M���q��L`�������B=���B�Y���ލ��x1hg�[ p��0wo!

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