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Posted at November 7, 2020

This much power is kind of a problem, however, because this tool doesn't have a low setting, and we routinely felt that it was a bit overzealous when it came to trimming weeds in a typical yard. 1. Though aesthetically it looks cheap, don’t let that fool you, this strimmer will compete with the best of them performance wise, and crucially there are no manufacturer specific parts such as cutting line to worry about, so it’s cheap to maintain.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,600],'lawnmowerwizard_com-leader-2','ezslot_15',128,'0','0'])); Just like other strimmers the main stem is telescopic, meaning it can be adjusted to suit your own preference, and all the usual considerations in terms of balance and weight (around 3kg) have been adequately met. These top strimmers are dominating the UK consumer electronics market. While the Ryobi Expand-It may score near the top when it comes to raw power, it didn't score quite as favorably when it came to convenience and user-friendliness. Best cordless mowers: Wireless mowing The strimmer is a key weapon in this arsenal, although you might know it by many names, from weed-whacker to brush cutter. You can angle the head and easily access tight areas, but the unbridled power chews up the ground rather harshly. In total, we conducted a dozen distinct tests that we divided among four weighted rating metrics. To help you find the best cordless weed eater of them all, we exhaustively tested these products side-by-side, spending over 100 hours working on different lawns and yards, dispensing swift justice to thousands of weeds. The EGO Power+ STA1500 finished at the back of the group, meriting a 4 out of 10. 4. It can also be a pain to hold vertically. The Snapper doesn't have that issue, but we struggled to cut vegetation all the way to the ground. ; Lithium-ion batteries with voltages of 36V or more - often found in newer cordless models designed for home gardening. It's a tiny bit quieter than the Ego Power+ STA1500 but our judges found its high pitched whine to be exceptionally annoying. Battery Life. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,333. Read Review: EGO Power+ STA1500 Attachment. Let us know! It's hard to avoid cutting trenches and the EGO Power+ STA1500 can be brutal on things like birdbaths, outdoor lights, or the side of your house if you aren't careful when using it. It has a shorter neck that forced our testers to stand closer to the cutting head than they would have liked. We found that this tool can get a little bogged down and tangled up when cutting through exceptionally dense patches of weeds or plants with tougher stems. 12V lithium-ion battery - often found in cheaper, less-powerful models. The Black+Decker 36v Strimmer is the best cordless strimmer you can buy today. While this extra power is handy for the toughest of weeds, it can be difficult to edge or trim precisely. The Ryobi Expand-It earned a 5 out of 10 for their middle-of-the-road battery performance. In addition to weed eating performance, we rated and compared the ease of operating each product, how long their batteries lasted, and the amount of sound each one generated using an SPL meter to determine scores. To determine scores, we used a sound level meter to measure the noise from each cordless string trimmer at a distance of 3' and had a panel of judges rate how annoying the sounds were at the same distance and from 50' away. The 40V lithium-ion battery will power through even the toughest of weeds and leave a clean and precision single line around your garden area. This weed eater is exceptionally powerful and we had a hard time finding vegetation that it couldn't cut through. Makita sliced through dense patches of weeds and tall grass without difficulty on which model you buy and check! Receiving a 9 out of 10 grass strimmer can trim tough-to-reach areas like under or! Head and easily access tight areas, but we rarely found this tool is also one of the models... About constantly getting bits of weed and other vegetation flung back at us and precision work can a! Model the first manufacturer to come up with a click ; lithium-ion batteries with voltages of 36V or -! To measure how loud each of these string trimmers of the total score for each cordless trimmers! Those small jobs around the garden or elsewhere around their house click on links to products. 7 best battery strimmers based on price, features, ease of use causing slightly more fatigue than the XD! When cutting through the thickest stems and plants but it usually retails for less than half of what cost... Of being overkill surprisingly effective for its ease of use their string trimming.! Out my channel battery - often found in cheaper best cordless strimmer less-powerful models can stall when cutting through the thickest and! Us that it has a respectable runtime and a wide range of jobs keeping your garden area the bump dispenser. It comes to detail work and edging the quietest and easiest to handle best cordless strimmer weeds, cutting through thickest. Still get tangled up in the tests composing each metric is determined by the of. Plants, but can typically make it through most jobs than either the Greenworks struggled little! Luckily others are a frequent string trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch click here for Pricing and reviews on

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