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Posted at November 7, 2020

The Scotch finger recipe was created by Arnott’s master baker Vanessa Horton and only contains 4 simple ingredients. Arnott’s Scotch Fingers. Horton commented: “With only four ingredients, this recipe of a Scotch Finger is an easy way to get that classic shortbread biscuit using items that most people have in their pantries. “We bake our biscuits right here in Australia using local wheat, so occasionally if weather conditions have altered the harvest, there can be slight biscuit variations from batch to batch, but the Scotch Finger recipe Aussie know and love remains!” the Arnott’s spokesperson said. However, Arnotts confirmed that the recipe had not changed. Arnott’s has shut down claims one of its popular biscuit recipes has changed.A frustrated grandfather accused the Aussie biscuit producers of tampering with the ingredients of its iconic Scotch Finger biscuit after he discovered the classic treat no longer easily snapped into two separate pieces.He accused the brand of “breaking” the classic bikkie by changing… Last week, Arnott’s shared the recipe for Monte Carlos and today they delighted fans by revealing how easy it is to whip up a batch of Scotch Fingers at home. Sticking true to their promise to release one recipe per week for the steady growing army of at-home bakers with excess flour, Arnott’s have now revealed their once top secret recipe for Scotch Fingers. After recently sharing the recipe for Monte Carlo biscuits, there was such a massive demand for the Arnott’s Scotch Finger recipe, that the biscuit maker decided to give their fans what they want. Tags: food biscuit family love. An Arnott's Biscuits spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the Scotch Finger recipe had not been changed. Someone’s disgruntled granddad took to Reddit to voice his frustration over his go-to biscuit, Arnott’s Scotch Fingers, accusing the food giant of changing the recipe on us. The buttery Scotch Finger serves as the inspiration for the latest recipe that has been adapted by Arnott’s Master Baker Vanessa Horton and released for home bakers around the country. Join Over60.

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