use bold in a sentence

Posted at November 7, 2020

For the purpose of this exercise I have used a site called “Unicode Text Converter” (see below image). 12. The cabinet decided to do nothing that could wear the appearance of interference in the internal affairs of France; but Lord Palmerston, in conversation with the French minister in London, took upon himself to approve the bold and decisive step taken by the president. By using this site, you agree to this use. But he would be a bold man who would profess to give trustworthy dates either for the kings of Israel or for the prophetic writers. He had no influence in Italy; in Burgundy he could neither stop Duke Philip the Good from adding Luxemburg to his possessions, nor check the towering ambition of Charles the Bold; while after the death of Charles in 1477 he was equally unable to prevent the king 01. dissenters from the Roman religion to obedience, Protestantism was making substantial progress in the,states, notably in Anbalt and in Pomerania, and in the cities, and in January 1534 the Protestant princes were bold enough to declare that they did not regard the decisions of the Reichskammergeric/zt as binding upon them. The coast-line of Galicia, extending to about 240 m., is everywhere bold and deeply indented, presenting a large number of secure harbours, and in this respect forming a marked contrast to the neighbouring province. It - -~ is bounded on the north - by the Libyan Desert above which rises a bold range of mountains; and a - it has a strange and pie illet d. 26) show the archaic style of great detail, with a bold, stark vigour of attitude. The Unicode text will use more characters than standard text – so you may need to make some adjustments to accomodate it. Bold is a heavy kind of writing. It was bold policy to confide Frederick to his greatest enemy and rival; but the pope honorably discharged his duty, until his ward outgrew the years of tutelage, and became a fair mark for ecclesiastical hostility. Let me add to his comments. Not even so, however, did their witness agree together, so, as a bold stroke, Oates, with great circumstantiality, accused the queen before Charles of high treason. Enjoy!! 2. It was ridiculous... and exciting... bold and impulsive - everything she didn't want to be. The bold and patriotic Crabbe contrived to board the bewitched flagship, and was seen apparently laying about him with an axe on the water - which the spectators took to be a proof either that he was mad, or that this was the devil in his shape. In the spirit of this utterance, steps were taken within a few days by the new prelate to suppress the assemblies of the Arians; these, by a bold stroke of policy, anticipated his action by themselves setting fire to their meetinghouse, Nestorius being forthwith nicknamed "the incendiary.". The scenery here becomes bold and picturesque. Much of Holbach's fame is due to his intimate connexion with the brilliant coterie of bold thinkers and polished wits whose creed, the new philosophy, is concentrated in the famous Encyclopedie. What I probably should have pointed him to was the use of a nested span, with an id, and the use of a style to bold it. The two parts of the rule are: Never bold more than 10% of your total text; Avoid bolding more than 10 words in a row; So, if you’ve got an e-mail/article of 500 words, no more than 50 words should be in bold – and no more than 10 words in a row, such as an entire sentence.

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