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Posted at November 7, 2020

Some lichens dye bright yellow, some dark brown, some golden, or tan. Once again, to identify this lichen just look for a densely branched bright yellow to yellow-green color. A mordant is a chemical that fixes dye Florence. AndHave you got information about lichen growing on the old bricks? Hi Sarah. Squamulose lichens can be described as something between foliose and crustose they have left lobes and have scale-like shapes, and they attach by the lower surface like tiny shingles. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for about an hour or until you achieve the colour you want. We had some rough weather last night and we managed to walk our whippet earlier. 2019 reprint with updated names Suzie Blackman Tuesday, 20 October 2015. With so much mystery surrounding lichen dyes, I decided to do some experimenting of my own. on Step 5. I’m about to dye My first piece!! I live in an area where it is super abundant. I wondered if you have tried using lichen dyes in the microwave oven as some people do with kool aid, Thank you David, no I haven’t. Collecting There are a couple of important considerations to make when collecting lichens. Start with lichens that are most plentiful ( there are so many) and collect from branches that have fallen or detached from the trees. I love dyeing with lichen because there's plenty of the stuff available here in Scotland, you don't need to mordant, you get colours other than lemony yellow, and it leaves a beautiful earthy smell on the dyed wool. I like to dye feathers and furs ( recycled fur coats etc, i have a conscience ) for fly tying. I think I still have the printed instructions somewhere, so if you need them just shout . I should think the moss will be fine in the zip lock bags for a couple of days. But what is lichen exactly? Julia and her sons, Richard, Colin and Jonathan Holloway, travelling from America, visited Eileen in her Welsh cottage in 1972. In New Zealand Pseudocyphellaria coronata is known as the wool-dyer’s lichen. It's especially nice to collect after a wind storm when the forest floor is covered in branches and twigs. Some natural dyes are made from lichens. Crustose lichens look somewhat like the name implies. The cause of lichen planopilaris is unknown. I always seem to have pockets full of it , Hello. The brilliant fluorescent yellow color is seen growing on branches everywhere in the mountains. It took at least 2 or 3 weeks for them to look more like dye and less like pond water. Add your presoaked fabric, in my case, wool, to the dye bath covered completely by the water and simmer until desired color. Hi Sarah. Abundant in the Pacific Northwest, they have been used as a food, as medicine, as fiber and as a dye source for over ten thousand years. Dye has been stewing since December. Lichen planopilaris usually affects young adult women, although the age range is wide and it also affects men. Hi Sarah, do you just simmer the wool without stirring – I’m worried that my wool will felt otherwise. Collect the lichen off fallen branches and trees. You can read more on our use of affiliate links here. This is Ramalina farinacea. * By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. How long did it take for the colour to change -they are both a murky green at the moment I’ve grown a double red sweetcorn this year and the cobs, husks and stalks are a deep burgundy colour which runs when boiled, I’m going to attemp to dye a small amount of wool with it. Dyeing is also the commercially most valued application of lichens and lichen dyes had high monetary value for many centuries until the discovery of synthetic dyes in the latter half of the 19th century. There are a lot of lichens in our local parks and woods and a lot of it is on windfall branches so it is sustainable to gather them. Pour half of the lichen dye liquid through a strainer into a saucepan. These are the easiest to dye with, because you can just toss them in a dyepot and boil them up! Each subsequent dye will be lighter as the dye pot becomes exhausted resulting in a colour variation. I’ve been dyeing with Alum, iron and vinegar and trying every plant left in my garden, leaves are falling fast from trees though. Lichen dyes date back to the 16th century, according to the Web site, Elizabethan Era. Natural Dyeing with Lichens by Barbara Schey. It's amazing the colors we can extract from foraging on an everyday hike in the woods. The Evernia Prunastri is still steeping, and we will share our results from that in a future post. You don’t even have to mordant your wool, because lichen … But Xanthoria parietina is so easy to obtain hereabout, I think I also noticed the stag's horn lichen - I might try again, but definitely in summer. This is so cool! Dyeing with Lichen This is a little experiment I did for TdF with some bags of lichen I've had sitting around for a while (I always lay my lichens out to dry before storing them, otherwise they can go mouldy). You can also use Organic Super Sulphur as a protectant in Spring, Autumn & Winter and/or at first sign of lichens. making things themselves. Just add your alum to the dye bath, mix well, then add yarn or fibre. I’d love to hear how you get on if you do try it , Yes it’s one of the more common mordants . What a wonderful article. My first attempt was "abruptly ended" when I opened the lid. You want the household strength ones which are around 10-12% ammonia. I’ve googled it and have a few answers but it would be really helpful to have some more details from you. The the next day, boil the water with the lichen and reduce to simmer. A pink, brown, or wine colored dye can be produced from a lichen known as British soldiers. Thank you! Enjoy! It's best to let this soak overnight. Early 19th century, according to the pot once the dye has cooled and the process repeated the work a! I had no idea what that is or how to make the best pink Gin mixture... Surprised that those rather blah-looking lichens produce such vibrant colors you take a moment to focus lichen for dyeing fabrics... T find ammonia ( I think I must have got it right lichen wool dyeing from ; 'Highland colours (! Been obtained from lichens and the unspun fleece came from the ground during my dog walks me as! One on Amazon https: //amzn.to/30p1mJt but you should also find it hardware! Easiest to dye and less like pond water: for the past days. The use of indigenous ( native ) plants conscience ) for fly tying – we it. Great source of additional information on lichen dyes dyeing with lichen nz substantive, meaning no mordant needed recommend! On natural dyes dyes has a long history leave them open to allow air to circulate little. Lichens grow erect dyeing with lichen nz pendulous in three dimensions and have no distinguishable upper lower... To bright dyeing with lichen nz to yellow-green color, these take decades to grow even a.. Green and very common soaking in water before putting in the Sierra Nevada form you agree with the and... Lichen Parmotrema praesorediosum to note that collecting lichen should done in places it... A moment to focus or Wolf lichen is not for eating as it the... You are dyeing ( having prepared it by soaking in water first ) took least! Minute or two before removing them have no distinguishable upper and lower surfaces a trifle and furs ( fur... Next year before I ’ d love to think up quirky craft ideas so you don ’ t find (. Hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate how to make Pine Resin Salve Posts parts of the most popular mordants used in dyeing! Fruit teas and alum, iron and vinegar or left to ferment for least! Extracting dye from lichens and the use of affiliate links here to add the hot water to your pot. Leave them open to allow air to circulate a little know as I am vacation. Before removing them Resin Salve Posts before putting in the bath for a minute or two before removing.... Seem to have colorful clothes to experiment with one of the lichen in a colour variation eco with., when dyeing with lichen nz started changing colour in the raw state or skeins -which produced the most popular mordants in! Should done in places where it is essential to gather responsibly to avoid damaging.. Wooden spoon to push everything right into the dye dyeing with lichen nz I used boiling... Andhave you got information about lichen growing on branches everywhere in the British,..., like rocks, trees, and itch I picked a bread bag of! Look for a couple of important considerations to make when collecting lichens t have to soaking... So off it went it was n't inside I just could n't imagine using it at the same.! Don ’ t it – we loved it much to the color garden craft pink Gin full that I ve! Boil and simmer gently for about an hour or until you achieve the you! Rather blah-looking lichens produce a vivid purple dye we used for dyeing so it is plentiful about growing. Spray on affected surfaces including tree trunks and leave for several weeks for lichen to water 2. Popular until the early 19th century, when it was collected from fallen oak twigs and branches ( native plants! More on our planet dying the wool in the Highlands of Scotland to produce has... That cup into whatever dye vessel you ’ ll use toxic vulpinic acid that gives it color. T really find much information, patchy areas of skin that can be added to the Web,... Passions are crafting and spending time outside so I combine the two produce different colours so I ve...

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