william cecil, 1st baron burghley previous offices

Posted at November 7, 2020

Hereinafter cited as Dictionary of National Biography. Another member of this branch of the family is Vice-Admiral Sir Nigel Cecil. His elder son, Sir Thomas Cecil, who inherited the Barony of Burghley on his death, was later created Earl of Exeter. William Cecil iniziò la sua carriera al servizio del duca di Somerset (fratello dell'ultima regina, Jane Seymour), che era divenuto Lord Protector durante i primi anni di regno del nipote, il giovane Edoardo VI. Thomas†; (2) 21 Dec. 1545, Mildred (d. 5 Apr. [S18] Matthew H.C.G., editor, Dictionary of National Biography on CD-ROM (Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press, 1995), Cecil, William. William Cecil's early career was spent in the service of the Duke of Somerset (a brother of the late queen, Jane Seymour), who was Lord Protector during the early years of the reign of his nephew, the young Edward VI. [S16] Douglas Richardson, Magna Carta Ancestry, 2nd Edition, Vol. [S61] Unknown author, Family Group Sheets, Family History Archives, SLC. The Family is supposed to have a Welsh origin, and certainly there were two families with a similar name living in Herefordshire who claimed relationship with Cyssells or Syssells of Stamford; these two families were the Sitsylts of Altyrennes and the Cyssells of Maysemore. His younger son, Sir Robert Cecil (later created Baron Cecil, Viscount Cranborne and finally Earl of Salisbury), inherited his political mantle, taking on the role of chief minister and arranging a smooth transfer of power to the Stuart administration under King James I. In his view, Mary had to be executed because her life was a rallying cause for the Catholics and played into the hands of the Spanish and of the pope, who excommunicated Elizabeth in 1570 and sent in Jesuits to organise a Catholic underground. [S11568] The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, by George Edward Cokayne, Vol. Dawson, "William Cecil and the British Dimension of Early Elizabethan Foreign Policy,", Burghley: William Cecil at the Court of Elizabeth I, Opere di William Cecil, I barone Burghley, Henry Wriothesley, III conte di Southampton, La caméra explore le temps: Le meurtre de Henry Darnley ou La double passion de Marie Stuart, Calendar of Manuscripts of the Marquis of Salisbury: The Cecil Manuscripts (1306-1595), Cancelliere del Trinity College di Dublino, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=William_Cecil,_I_barone_Burghley&oldid=115942063, Collegamento interprogetto a Wikiquote presente ma assente su Wikidata, Voci biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. He left endless memoranda lucidly (nevertheless sometimes bordering on the ridiculous) setting forth the pros and cons of every course of action; but there are few indications of the line which he actually recommended when it came to a decision. 19 Mar. Nel febbraio del 1559 venne eletto cancelliere dell'Università di Cambridge in successione al cardinale Pole ed ottenne il diploma di Master of Arts presso il medesimo ateneo in occasione della visita della regina Elisabetta nel 1564 e lo stesso titolo lo ottenne anche a Oxford in un'occasione simile nel 1566. He also appears prominently in the alternative history Ruled Britannia, by Harry Turtledove, in which he and his son Sir Robert Cecil are conspirators and patrons of William Shakespeare in an attempt to restore Elizabeth to power after a successful Spanish invasion and conquest of England. 1553; cr. of Richard Cecil† of Little Burghley, Stamford and Westminster by Jane, da. He was the son of the Hon. of Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall, Essex, 2s. 19 Mar. Cecil accompagnò il duca di Somerset nella Battaglia di Pinkie Cleugh del 1547 (parte della Guerra dei Rough Wooing). A new Theobalds House just off the main road north from London to Ware, was built between 1564 and 1585 to the order of Burghley. fa. Lord Exeter had no other sons and was succeeded by his nephew, the third Earl. of Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall, Essex, 2s. Cecil riuscì ad ingraziarsi John Dudley, e dopo tre mesi venne liberato dalla Torre. 2001). 5 Mar 1542, d. 8 Feb 1622/23, Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury+9 b. [S8] BP1999 volume 1, page 162. Thomas; (2) 21 Dec. 1545, Mildred (d. 5 Apr. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage. White's most remarked-upon service for Cecil is his report on his visit with Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1569, during the early years of her imprisonment. Il suo stretto controllo sulle finanze della Corona, la sua figura guida nel Privy Council, e la creazione di un servizio di intelligence altamente efficiente, guidato da Francis Walsingham, lo rese ben presto uno dei più importanti ministri del regno di Elisabetta. Cecil nacque a Bourne nel Lincolnshire nel 1521, figlio di Richard Cecil, proprietario di Burghley House (presso Stamford, Lincolnshire), e di sua moglie, Jane Heckington. [14], Cecil's share in the Religious Settlement of 1559 was considerable, and it coincided fairly with his own Anglican religious views. On 5 September 1550 Cecil was sworn in as one of King Edward's two Secretaries of State. He was the third son of the first Earl of Exeter. 1553; cr. 1 Jun 1563, d. 24 May 1612. The finest encomium was passed on him by the queen herself, when she said, "This judgment I have of you, that you will not be corrupted with any manner of gifts, and that you will be faithful to the state. These included Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, and Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland. Generally he was in favour of more decided intervention on behalf of continental Protestants than Elizabeth would have liked, but it is not always easy to ascertain the advice he gave. of Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall, Essex, 2s. 13 September 1521, d. 4 August 1598 Last Edited=26 Jan 2013 William Cecil, 1st Baron of Burghley was born on 13 September 1521.1 He was the son of Richard Cecil and Jane Heckington.4,1 He was baptised at Bourne, Lincolnshire, England.1 He married, firstly, Mary Cheke, daughter of Peter Cheke and Agnes Duffield, on 8 August 1541.5 He married, secondly, Mildred Cooke, daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke and Anne FitzWilliam, on 21 December 1546.5 He died on 4 August 1598 at age 76 at Burghley House, The Strand, London, England.5 He was buried on 29 August 1598 at St. Martin's Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.5 His will was proven (by probate) on 13 November 1598.5 He was educated at Grantham School, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.1 He was educated at Stamford School, England.1 He was educated in May 1535 at St. John's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.1 He was admitted to Gray's Inn on 6 May 1541.1 He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.)

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