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CleanWorld Congratulates All GEELA Honorees

Posted at December 11, 2013

CleanWorld was among the thirteen California organizations recognized today with the 2013 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA), the state’s highest environmental honor. We wish all of the honorees congratulations and a thank you for their leadership and dedication to helping make a cleaner future world today.

The CleanWorld team at the GEELA award ceremony

The CleanWorld team at the GEELA award ceremony

“The award recognizes the creative solutions and transformative results that Californians are achieving on some of our most significant environmental challenges,” said Secretary for Environmental Protection Matt Rodriquez. “Their successful approaches demonstrate that we can create a sustainable environment while also promoting a vibrant economy.”

Established in 1993, GEELA honors individuals, companies and organizations that make significant contributions to the state by developing environmentally friendly practices while contributing to the local economy. The 2013 winners will receive the award tonight at a ceremony at the CalEPA headquarters building in Sacramento.

The 2013 GEELA winners are:

The Water Conservation Garden (San Diego County) for developing the “Ms. Smarty-Plants™” program, a hands-on approach to teaching water conservation that is adaptable to all grade levels.

Western Riverside Council of Governments (Riverside County) for helping home owners and businesses make energy and water efficient improvements to their properties.

University of California, Irvine (Orange County) for reducing energy use by more than half in its most high-consumption laboratory facilities.

California National Guard (Sacramento County) for cleaning up illegal marijuana operations that have a significant negative impact on land and water resources.

Homewood Mountain Resort (Placer County) for effective watershed management that decreases sediment runoff into Lake Tahoe.

PEP Housing (Sonoma County) for creating affordable senior housing designed to encourage sustainable living habits such as walking and use of public transportation.

City of San Jose (Santa Clara County) for tripling the diversion rate of its commercial solid waste and moving toward a Green Vision of diverting all solid waste from landfills.

Hilton Concord Hotel (Contra Costa County) for using an advanced laundry system and motion sensors to reduce energy and water use for the Concord property, the Hilton “sustainable prototype.”

California Department of Public Health (Alameda County) for achieving a 42 percent reduction in computer electricity, 41 percent recycling rate and 40 percent reduction in water use in Building P of its Richmond Campus, powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

NASA Ames Research Center (Santa Clara County) for building the first federal facility to receive LEED Platinum rating for new construction. Features include a graywater reclamation system and an intelligent adaptive control system.

Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) for leading Southern California in electric vehicle sales and installing one of the first DC quick chargers in the Los Angeles region.

Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority (San Bernardino County) for designing and constructing North America’s largest, fully enclosed composting facility which produces approximately 230,000 cubic yards of compost per year.

CleanWorld (Sacramento County) for partnering with local businesses and organizations to construct the largest biodigester of its kind in the nation, producing nearly 200,000 diesel gallon equivalents of renewable natural gas each year.

Judges included members of the Governor’s Office as well as the secretaries of the California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency; the California Department of Food and Agriculture; the California Environmental Protection Agency; the California Health and Human Services Agency; the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency; the California Natural Resources Agency; and the California State Transportation Agency.

The panel evaluated and selected winners in the following categories: Children’s Environmental Education; Climate Change; Sustainable Practices or Facilities; Ecosystem and Watershed Stewardship; Enhanced Environmental and Economic Leadership; Environmental and Economic Partnerships; Sustainable Practices by State Agencies; Sustainable Practices or Facilities; Zero Emission Vehicle Dealers; Waste Reduction.

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