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CleanWorld Makes the Leap to Commercial Fertilizer Success

Posted at February 14, 2014

Did you know that with a CleanWorld BioDigester project in your community, your table scraps become organic gardening products that you can buy on the shelf? 

How We Did It

- From the half-eaten salad plate you left at Mulvaney’s B&L restaurant in Sacramento, to the Waste Disposal truck (which is powered by natural gas made from food waste picked up the month before);

- From the waste truck that picked up your leftovers to CleanWorld’s BioDigester nearby;

- From EcoScraps’ plant to your home garden

…the journey of your food waste just became a perfectly sustainable story of the new clean world we’ve always believed was possible. Nothing is wasted; everything is re-purposed.

Now when you buy a bottle of EcoScraps “All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer 3-3-3”, you help clean the world. You also help make sure the food you eat, that you leave behind, is made into green, renewable fuel that runs garbage trucks and other commercial vehicles in your community.

Ecoscraps 3-3-3 officially closes the loop on the Farm-to-Fork-to-Fuel and back to Farm process.  Find Ecoscraps 3-3-3 liquid fertilizer at a local Home Deport or Target!

Ecoscraps 3-3-3 officially closes the loop on the Farm-to-Fork-to-Fuel and back to Farm process. Find Ecoscraps 3-3-3 liquid fertilizer at a local Home Deport or Target!

This all makes our community more climate resilient, our air cleaner, our landfills less full, and investors excited by the fact that out of all this anaerobic digestion talk and technology speak we actually are really making affordable, commercial products that are profitable and changing the world. That means we can keep building our super-efficient food waste BioDigester engines in communities everywhere. The cycle of doing well by doing good!

About EcoScraps 3-3-3

These new 3-3-3 liquid fertilizer products are what EcoScraps describes as a “liquid blend made from composting using a proprietary extraction process.” This liquid blend is actually the refined, liquid material called effluent that our digesters produce when we break down food waste.

This “proprietary process” is indeed “special sauce” technology – CleanWorld is sort of like the Apple of anaerobic digestion. Where Apple and Steve Jobs didn’t invent smart phones, they sure did figure out how to innovate the technology so users would love them. That’s a lot like what CleanWorld did: because our special sauce has indeed made the conversion of food waste into green energy and renewable fuel super fast, super efficient, a really good investment of public and private resources, and a great way for communities and people to achieve zero waste lives.

We didn’t invent anaerobic digestion, but CleanWorld did innovate it to make it perfect to repurpose the world’s food waste into liquid gold, and we are proud to partner with EcoScraps who shares that vision.

Find our product at EcoScraps here.

To buy the 3-3-3 product online today. 

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About CleanWorld

CleanWorld is dedicated to the development and advancement of fertilizer products made from the food waste our technology processes. We have pioneered the commercialized use of repurposed food waste!

We are the only source we know of where a fertilizer product made directly from food waste broken down by a commercial anaerobic digestion technology has made it to retail store shelves. This is a big part of our Farm to Fork to Fuel economy commitment, and an important moment in the history of our company story.

Putting the nutrient value we capture from breaking down food waste back into the land seems so logical, and yet the path to get to this moment of innovation has taken years of research and testing, vision and innovation, and a growing acceptance about the importance of using all our natural resource wisely.

We thank EcoScraps for their partnership and you for making sure your food waste finds its way to the shelves and home gardens!