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News From CleanWorld’s UC Davis BioDigester Launch

Posted at May 7, 2014
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“Organic shoveling” celebration moment at the UC Davis BioDigester ribbon cutting April 22nd, 2014. Congressman John Garamendi, CleanWorld’s CEO Michele Wong and technology inventor Ruihong Zhang, and UC Davis’ Chancellor Linda Katehi and the university’s sustainability assistant vice chancellor Sid England.

According to EcoWatch, “Trash isn’t simply trash at the University of California, Davis, it’s an important tool to create clean energy.” For EcoWatch’s complete coverage of CleanWorld’s newest 50 ton per day (food, agricultural, animal waste) project, visit their website. 

For a few of the highlights from the coverage of the UC Davis Renewable Energy Digester ribbon cutting, including the terrific television coverage by major networks, explore below.

Our thanks to all the media partners who came out to cover this event, and especially to Kat Kierlin and the entire media and government relations team at UC Davis for their partnership!

CBS Television

Yahoo News/Channel 13

Sacramento Business Journal

Congressman John Garamendi and technology invnetor and UC Davis professor Dr. Ruihong Zhang talking "organics" on Earth Day.

Congressman John Garamendi and technology inventor and UC Davis professor Dr. Ruihong Zhang talking “organics” on Earth Day.

People Daily – largest China newspaper

UC Davis

Green Trust

Waste Management World

John Garamendi