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Organic Waste to RNG Could Replace 3/4 of Diesel in California.

Posted at December 8, 2014

According to a groundbreaking new report released in November of 2014 by the Bioenergy Association of California:

Screenshot 2014-12-08 16.25.40“California could produce almost 300 billion cubic feet of renewable gas per year just from organic waste –the waste from food and food processing, livestock, agriculture, yard waste, construction debris and other wood waste, soiled paper and forest biomass. Instead of landfilling or burning that waste, California could use it to generate enough renewable electricity to power 2 to 3 million homes or to generate 2.5 billion gallons of clean, ultra-low carbon transportation fuels.”

See BAC’s groundbreaking report on how to decarbonize California’s gas sector.  The report describes the role of natural gas in California, the potential for renewable gas to generate power and fuels, and the need for a Renewable Gas Standard to cut greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs and increase energy security.


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