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Partner Feature: BioCNG

Posted at January 21, 2014

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BioCNG is a technology partner and equipment provider – At CleanWorld’s Sacramento BioDigester, a BioCNG gas processing skid successfully converts biogas produced from the BioDigester into compressed natural gas (CNG) equivalent vehicle fuel.  To do this, the skid removes all hydrogen sulfide, siloxanes, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in addition to reducing water vapor and compressing the gas.  Through this process, the biogas is upgraded to meet CNG vehicle specifications and standards.

We took a moment to speak with Dennis Fenn, the Western Sales Manager for BioCNG, and ask him a few questions about BioCNG and its relationship with CleanWorld.

Q: What is it about the work you do with CleanWorld that is most rewarding?
A: We enjoy being a participant in the cutting edge project that is the Sacramento BioDigester!

Q: How has your view of helping to clean up the world through anaerobic digestion changed since you met CleanWorld?

A: CleanWorld has successfully taken anaerobic digestion from an emerging technology concept to a real operating system that is proven to work.

Q: From your perspective, what about CleanWorld’s technology is superior and why?
A: CleanWorld’s technology has the ability to handle a wide range of organic waste materials reliably and cost-effectively.  They have demonstrated a full scale operating system.

Thank you to BioCNG for providing such a critical technology that makes the Sacramento BioDigester a huge success!

About BioCNG

BioCNG provides the leading technology for converting biogas to CNG vehicle fuel that is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.  This innovative system is operating successfully, running several small fleets on CNG produced from landfill gas, wastewater treatment plant digesters, and anaerobic food waste digester biogas – and at a fraction of the cost of gasoline!

For more information about BioCNG, visit their website!