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TV Feature on Inventures: How CleanWorld is Closing the Loop on Organics

Posted at May 16, 2014

May 15, 2014

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The origins of our innovations can be found in the roots of our leadership: from the birth of mainframe computers in the 70’s, to the advent of personal computing in the 80’s, to today’s mobile applications, all the way to making community-scaled food waste recycling technology affordable and highly efficient. How does that leap happen?

On March 15, 2014 News 10 aired a feature on how CleanWorld is finding success in the clean tech and waste recycling space. Siemny Chhuon reports. 

Our team transferred the innovation lessons learned in the software and computing world to the waste recycling challenges of today, and we innovated anaerobic digestion technology much like we did with software.

We engineered scalable solutions, tailored to end user’s needs, and we did it effectively, efficiently, and in a way that community investment would return an ROI of multiple benefits: significant GHG reductions, improved land and water resource management, negative carbon and zero waste achievements, improved climate resiliency, improved community adaptability, cost-effective renewable transportation fuel (RNG) and green electricity, heat efficiencies, small footprint, scalability, returning nutrients back to the land, and serving as a viable resource for commercial organic waste producers in a changing world–all where we find organics at their source!

You can also click the image here to watch the segment.

You can also click the image here to watch the segment.

CleanWorld is definitely closing the loop on organic and food waste and making our communities and lives healthier and more sustainable. What are you doing in your world to make sure organics are being recycled efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a closed-loop solution?