The corporate headquarters of CleanWorld is located in a rich, verdant farmland region where one finds culture, innovation, and the most abundant agricultural ecosystem in the world. This region of California has also become the “Silicon Valley” of clean technology innovation, in which CleanWorld was launched and our technology was invented and commercialized.

The concept of closed-loop as part of a sustainable community suggests a system where everything that is grown or made is done so efficiently and sustainably. In organic waste streams, where CleanWorld technology can be found, closed-loop means food grown locally, consumed locally, recycled locally and put back onto the farm. This episode CBS’ The Car Czar, which featured our Sacramento BioDigester, shows you up close and personal how and why diverting your organics to us is so beneficial from a community perspective! Click on the photo to watch or link here.

A unique feature to the fact CleanWorld proved our technology out of this region in California is that the Mayor is also a member of the President’s Task Force on Climate Change and Resiliency.

“A resilient community is able to bounce back from disasters while maintaining a good quality of life,” says Mayor Johnson. “If the Sacramento area can feed ourselves and produce our own energy, we are better prepared for uncertainties and able to adapt to changing conditions.”

Diverting waste from landfills reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for the environment while creating jobs at the same time. Want know more? Contact us today!

If you would like an immediate assessment and/or direction on what organics you can dispose of in our BioDigesters, use our Waste Assessment form!