Our Technology

The Sacramento BioDigester: Negative Carbon, CNG, Commercia in Partnership with Atlas Refuel & The City of Sacramento

The Sacramento BioDigester and Atlas ReFuel facility is negative carbon, producing renewable compressed natural gas for regional commercial and public fleets. This project reduces GHG by 20,500 tons annually, diverts 40,000 tons of organic waste annually, and produces over 10 million gallons of fertilizer and soil amendments annually.

CleanWorld’s innovative anaerobic digestion technology helps businesses and communities achieve their sustainability goals by converting food and agricultural waste into renewable energy, liquid and solid fertilizer products, and reclaimed water. CleanWorld’s technology was developed and proven at the University of California, Davis by Dr. Ruihong Zhang, professor of biological and agricultural engineering and a leading researcher in the science of anaerobic digestion. This AD technology is currently licensed exclusively to CleanWorld for commercialization.

CleanWorld’s BioDigester is a thermophilic, high-rate, high-solid digestion system, with a three-stage design. It is especially engineered with food waste in mind, including agricultural residues, commercial food processing waste, and restaurant and supermarket food scraps.

CBS News features a "back to the future" farm to fork to fuel story on how CleanWorld's technology is turning food waste in BioFuel for trucks in the Farm to Fork Capital of the World.

CBS News features a back to the future “farm to fork to fuel” story on how CleanWorld’s technology is turning food waste into BioFuel for trucks in northern California, in the Farm to Fork Capital of the World.