APS – Anaerobic Phased Solids Digester System

Anaerobic Phased Solids

APS (Anaerobic Phased Solids) treats advanced phased solids and green waste of up to 50% solid material, enabling stable production of both hydrogen and methane gases from organic wastes.

The APS is a two-stage digestion system. The first stage consists of multiple sequentially loaded, high-solids batch digesters. The second stage is a high-rate biofilm digester. The two-stage design allows for high system stability regardless of fluctuations in loading and waste composition, making the APS our most robust biogas system. Phased batch loading of the first stage provides even gas production and rapid hydrolysis.

The advantages of the APS system are:

  • Short hydraulic retention times
  • Long solids residence times
  • Mesophilic and thermophilic options
  • Proven technology at full scale
  • Can be configured for sustained biohydrogen production as well as methane

APS is ideal for treating high-solids (10 – 50% total solids) waste streams, such as:

  • Municipal solid wastes
  • Mixed green wastes
  • Agricultural residues
  • Fruit and vegetable processing wastes