DBR – Dynamic Biofilm Reactor

Dynamic Biofilm Reactor (DBR) - Compact, high-rate, high-strength liquid-waste anaerobic digestion system

Dynamic Biofilm Reactor

The DBR (Dynamic Biofilm Reactor) is a single-stage high-rate anaerobic digestion system, enabling quick processing of liquid organic waste.

The DBR system is simple to build and operate, and its unique design allows for long solids and short hydraulic retention time in a compact system. The system works by forming a biofilm composed of millions of fast-acting microorganisms that work in concert to degrade the organic material. The biofilm is stirred into the wastewater to ensure sufficient contact between the microbes and the organic matter. This reduces the overall footprint of the digester, enhances degradation, and increases stability at high organic loading rates.

  • Long solids retention time
  • Short hydraulic retention time
  • Reduced footprint relative to CSTR systems

DBR is ideal for treating high-strength liquid (<5% total solids) waste streams, such as:

  • Food processing wastewater
  • Biodiesel waste glycerin
  • Fats, oils & grease
  • Manure
  • Biosolids