HRD – High-Rate Digestion

High-Rate Digestion (HRD) - High-efficiency, three-stage, solid/liquid-hybrid anaerobic digestion system

High-Rate Digestion

HRD (High-Rate Digestion) is a novel three-stage digester design especially suited for treating highly biodegradable solid wastes and mixed waste streams consisting of a solid and liquid fraction. The first stage hydrolyzes the organic materials. The second stage converts the hydrolyzate to methane. The third stage finishes the methanification, producing leachate with much lower BOD than other digester systems. Each reactor operates under a short retention time, allowing for rapid waste throughput.

HRD is ideal for treating highly degradable solids waste streams and mixed solid/liquid waste streams, such as

  • Municipal food waste
  • Food processing waste
  • Biosolids
  • Meat product waste