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CNG production by anaerobic digestion

Our partnership with Atlas ReFuel at the Sacramento BioDigester is one of the many ways we help our customers maximize the value of their facilities.

First and foremost CleanWorld is a technology solutions company. We partner with municipalities, food industry companies, and project developers to design, build, and commission our high-solids anaerobic digestion systems, either as stand-alone food/agricultural waste facilities, or as part of co-digestion MSW and/or organic waste community projects.

CleanWorld offers a range of services designed to assist you with managing the complexities arising from organic waste management as part of achieving a more sustainable and climate resilient community or food business operation.

Whether your problem is analyzing organic waste to determine possible solutions, or you are looking to evaluate the necessity of building an entire anaerobic digestion system for your community, our technical team can help make the answer simple and straightforward.

Organic Waste Stream Analysis

CleanWorld will analyze the composition and anaerobic digestibility of your organic waste stream, and provide a complete report to you. CleanWorld can also perform feedstock analysis as part of a complete feasibility study tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility. Send us a request through our Waste Stream Assessment. 

Feasibility Studies

At CleanWorld, we will work with you to develop a plan designed to reduce your waste disposal costs, provide green energy or transportation fuel (CNG), and ensure you benefit from the full range of available incentives. In addition to engineering analysis, CleanWorld is experienced in AD financing and economic analysis, and we can help you navigate the regulatory process for accessing incentives and permitting.

Biogas Utilization

CleanWorld’s team has extensive knowledge of the wide range of biogas-to-energy conversion technologies, from bio-methane to fuel cells. We also stay abreast of current and new regulations and incentives that will determine which technology is right for you. We can help design and implement a biogas utilization strategy that will maximize the return on your investment.

Residuals Management


A member of CleanWorld’s dedicated team of operations professionals at work.

Anaerobic digestion significantly reduces the amount of waste you need to dispose. However, at the end of the digestion process some solids and liquids remain. CleanWorld can help predict the quantity and strength of the residual solids and liquids and help you develop a waste treatment and disposal plan that will minimize odors and cost.

Operational Support

The CleanWorld team has extensive experience running biogas energy systems. We will help you monitor your system remotely and provide operational support as needed. We will also help you monitor and analyze your data to ensure that your system is operating at its optimal level.

Process Modeling

CleanWorld has developed custom process models that allow us to design digesters for many situations and predict performance in order to offer the best process design and performance guarantees.